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Plagiarism, copyright infringement. Potato, potahto.

I’ve had skin in this game in the past, and reason to think about it recently in relation to the actions of local (New Zealand) lobbyists The Maxim Institute* (see Unlikely online bully, Liam Hehir). So a recent discussion caught my eye. This strikes me as a good working definition: Defining plagiarism is trickier than […]

The P word PLAGIARISM in today’s news aggregation game

Note: Just this morning, 13 April 2015, while searching for a graphic in the media library of this blog to insert in a comment, I came across this post (below) in ‘drafts’ from July 2014. I have no idea why I neglected to publish it at the time. Reading it again this morning, I found […]

Eminem Publishers Sue New Zealand National Party

Ha! Those of us who thought, Gee, that sounds pretty close to Eminem … Will the real Slim Shady please stand up? – P h/t: Radio NZ’s Chris Bramwell

Farewell Aaron Swartz. RIP

I’m so sorry to read of Aaron Swartz’s suicide. Whether you know his name or not, Aaron Swartz made an impact — a ‘dent’. If you don’t, and you’re interested, do some research. 1 I offer my sincere condolences to those who knew Aaron and loved him, and those who mourn his death now. Naturally, […]

Sure to be copied …

Only a matter of time. via Andrew Sullivan, The Daily Dish today. – P

Samsung design is “not as cool” as Apple’s

Samsung / Apple UK judgment On 9th July 2012 the High Court of Justice of England and Wales ruled that Samsung Electronic(UK) Limited’s Galaxy Tablet Computer, namely the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Tab 8.9 and Tab 7.7 do notinfringe Apple’s registered design No. 0000181607-0001. A copy of the full judgment of the Highcourt is available on the following link In the […]

‘Look it up’ as a put-down. I approve.

There’s apparently a little controversy about Madonna (the singer-songwriter) feeling that Lady Gaga (the singer-songwriter) has strayed a little too close imitation with respect to Madonna’s ‘Express Yourself’ worldwide hit and Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’. The last one of these I paid attention to was a fairly plausible Joe Satriani allegation that Cold Play had […]

The road not taken — copyright is a complicated playground

Sometimes we’re caught by the law of unintended consequences … and sometimes we’re saved by it. Righthaven is a law firm widely portrayed as copyright trolls trying to shake down bloggers and commenters for reproducing  news stories published by Stephens Media.  According to David Kravets in WIRED 20 June, ‘copyright litigation factory’ Righthaven has sued […]

… actionable copyright infringement?

I just read an interesting side issue to the Apple v Samsung IP lawsuit about the iPhone/iPad. The case itself is interesting, but Nilay Patel raised an issue about Apple’s lawyers’ without permission use of two images from websites in their documentation for their claim. So as I noted in my breakdown of Apple’s lawsuit […]

Copyright moves

Here in New Zealand, our Parliament has just passed an amendment to our copyright laws which sets up a system of new fines and warnings to illegal file-sharers which, if they repeatedly ignore them, can see them disconnected from the internet (Quelle horreur!). People who breach copyright through illegal file-sharing could be fined up to […]

AP and plagiarist Shepard Fairey settled. Now going after a common enemy?

I hadn’t seen that The Associated Press and Shepard Fairey had sort of settled their dispute over Fairey’s unauthorised and lied-about use of AP photographer Mannie Garcia’s pic of Obama in the famous and ubiquitous HOPE poster … which we discussed here and here. (Read AP media release here.) The lawsuit (which was enriching no-one […]

Shock! Horror! Scandal! Microsoft COPIES!

O hardy-har-har-har. Here’s a turn up for the books (NOT!)… via Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land Google: Bing Is Cheating, Copying Our Search Results Here’s the slightly novel bit: Bing Admits Using Customer Search Data, Says Google Pulled ‘Spy-Novelesque Stunt’ The details of the sting, which Danny Sullivan lays out, are interesting. Google artificially […]

Nice to know ‘The Sun’ respects copyright

It’s good to know The Sun newspaper respects copyright. Phew. Oh, it’s News Corp — Rupert ‘so,-basically-you’re-stealing-from-me’ Murdoch. Fair enough.


Look what happens when you mess with the Fed: Whoo, boy. U.S. Shuts Down Web Sites in Piracy Crackdown By BEN SISARIO New York Times November 26, 2010 In what appears to be the latest phase of a far-reaching federal crackdown on online piracy of music and movies, the Web addresses of a number of […]

George W Bush: plagiarist?

Oh dear me. I thought he was shallow, but a lazy plagiarist as well? George Bush Book ‘Decision Points’ Lifted From Advisers’ Books – Huffington Post. One funny example: From Decision Points, p. 143: “Later that day, Laura and I went to the Washington Hospital Center to visit victims from the Pentagon…I asked one if […]