Goodbye old friend.

Goodbye old friend.

I bought this trusty white 16GB iPhone 3G the day they were launched in New Zealand in July 2008.

It survived a few close calls while in my care, but I passed it, virtually unscathed, to my darling wife … who used it for a couple of years until she inherited my iPhone 4 last year when I upgraded to a 5.

So we passed it on, still in pretty good condition. to my darling daughter at Christmas last year.

Within a month or so of that ‘transfer’ the phone found its way to the bottom of a spa pool at a girlfriend’s house (still worked) then, a little while later, took a smack across the face and sported a 45o crack across the top left corner (yep — worked).

But this afternoon, it tumbled out of my daughter’s locker at her work onto a tile floor … and now it looks like this.

It still kinda works, but really, the phone ain’t that useable any more. Not like this.

Sayonara iPhone 3G.
Thanks for everything.

– P