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What is ‘The Paepae’?

In Aotearoa New Zealand the indigenous Maori people have a vibrant culture and an oral tradition stretching back centuries into Polynesia.

Bench Overlooking Lake Oswego – Art based on an original photo by Glen at VirtualTourist.com

The traditional home and meeting place of the people is known as the marae, with its wharenui (meeting house). This is the central venue for discussions, celebrations and debate on all manner of important issues.

Often located at the front of the house is a wooden bench, a platform on which sit those chosen as speakers to discuss the issues of the day. Those leaders or representatives sit and listen to all until it is their turn to stand and express their point of view.

Thus they seek dialogue, reaching for wisdom with reason and sincere argument (and often with humour).

The bench these orators rise from to speak is called the Paepae.

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