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You cannot believe your eyes. (The Queen’s Gambit’s visual effects are astounding.)

Like, I guess, millions of other viewers, I throughly enjoyed the Netflix 7 hour series The Queen’s Gambit. Not only was it perfectly cast and acted. The writing, the music, the costumes and sets were all amazing. The visual effects, by a company called Chicken Bone FX, were absolutely astounding. They were so much more […]

Jordan Williams and Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance – Putting the ass back into astroturf

Follow this twisted tale … start with Peter WM … I did a quick Google image search on one of the "People like you" from the rate payer association's website. He lives in the USA. I contacted him and he's never heard of the association, let alone been a member. — Peter WM (@pwmxx) […]


I wish you well this holiday season. Go well. If you can, refresh & simplify. That second aspect, simplifying, is a path I have been on for a little while now. I’m not finding it easy, but I do feel lighter for every bit of baggage I shed. Also: cycles, seasons & timing are real, […]

“Let’s put aside the obviously cynical nature of [Simon] Bridges’ faux-outrage …”

Best line I’ve read all week. From a delightful column by Andrew Geddis at Pundit: ‘Simon Bridges thinks that Simon Bridges is eroding parliamentary democracy‘. Seriously, it’s a lovely column. Go and read it if this stuff appeals to you. With bonus Edglering in the comments. Bravo to all concerned. Even my Tory mates think […]

A couple of happy pirates (and a not so happy one)

Possibly they were celebrating the fact that it wasn’t either of them who was involved in an excruciating 16 minute interview on Morning Report trying to sell a bill of goods to Kim Hill like Anne Tolley was this morning. Oh dear me. Plumbing ridiculous depths, Mrs Tolley – the Minister for Social Development – […]

Authenticity is not always a journey in a straight line

Where did this brave young woman have to get to? How low did she need to go, to come back with such courage? I’m so impressed with how she comes clean and asks for support as she admits and challenges the grip of a powerful addiction and affliction. I don’t know her or anything about […]

The P word PLAGIARISM in today’s news aggregation game

Note: Just this morning, 13 April 2015, while searching for a graphic in the media library of this blog to insert in a comment, I came across this post (below) in ‘drafts’ from July 2014. I have no idea why I neglected to publish it at the time. Reading it again this morning, I found […]

“Like a girl” – a brilliant, blistering piece of PR. Watch.

So restrained, so understated, so brilliant. Good on them ( for doing this.

A State Sector guide to maintaining political neutrality

Everything you need to know, including not responding to bloggers. – P PS Vote Blobby!

It’s not age that makes you old … it’s a state of mind that makes you old

“Inactivity and the thought process is what makes you old … If you start thinking you’re old … you’ll start acting old, feeling old … and you’re old.” via Savraj Singh on Twitter and Business Insider

A beautiful, inspiring speech, and person: Ellen Page.

I would be so proud if I had any even vicarious association with this brave young woman who has overcome her struggle. Alas, I’m just another unconnected viewer who appreciates her courage and the way she delivered this message. – P

‘Dead man waddling’

This line from an Esquire Politics Blog by Scott Raab, Why Christie Now Has Nothing to Lose, (and the Chris Christie Countdown Clock image) show how personally punishing US political media commentary can be. That’s its nature at times — a whirling clobbering machine, standing ready to attach clichéd labels. As for Christie, he’s a dead man waddling, […]

Converting lies, by repetition, to …

via Banksy

Spoofing the use of Photoshop to distort the reality of women’s bodies in ads

I spotted this wonderful ‘defacement’ of a fashion billboard image (in Germany?) It looks like the activists have pasted on a Photoshop toolbar. How wry. Given our discussions before about the use of Photoshop to create impossible-to-attain ‘role models’ (bleurgh) and the negative effects on women and girls of such distortions, it’s good to see […]

Now, if Cunliffe had joked that Judith Collins was a ‘troll’ …

Actually, I read this introduction to a David Cunliffe blog post (apparently. I haven’t read it) as jovial, a play on words. “The original brief was to respond to a post by Judith Collins. My post was going to be about snapper, not trout. But considering that issue, along with Judith’s leadership aspirations, has floundered, […]