Robbie Nicol explains the dishonest arseholery of Mark Zuckerberg’s dying Facebook blight.

Totally worth watching: Robbie Nicol (of White Man Behind A Desk) explains …”After the protests [at Parliament Buildings, Wellington] in February, I tried to write a monologue about Facebook and radicalisation — and it ended up being 17 minutes long lol.”

Surely Facebook’s twisted, evil, money-at-all-costs approach – radicalising users by placing a higher value on negative, anger/argument-generating content over ‘likes’ – will be another nail in Facebook’s coffin.

Clip from Robbie’s video (above): Facebook rewards users who seek to enrage.

They are, simply, an evil corporation and the time will come when having worked at Facebook, in any capacity, will be a mark of shame, like tobacco lobbyists, whaling company PR, and oil & gas spin doctors.

– P