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The law of unintended consequences. Data security edition.

This report from Flashpoint: ‘Measuring the Impact of the Snowden Leaks on the Use of Encryption by Online Jihadists’ (available here as web page or PDF) concludes (SPOILER:) Meh, not so much. The Flashpoint report recounts how the use of encryption techniques by such groups — and the promotion by them of such techniques — […]

Tim Cook denies ‘rumours’ of NSA back-door into Apple servers

This 3 minute excerpt of Apple’s CEO Tim Cook talking to Charlie Rose yesterday interested me for a couple of reasons 1) encrypted iMessages with Apple keyless and 2) his very strong denial of rumours/suggestions of NSA back-door access … ‘the Snowden thing’ (starts 2:10, but watch the whole 3 mins): Which accords with this […]

An (extra) step in the right direction: Apple extending two-factor authentication to log-in

A while back, I enabled two-factor authentication to a number of my accounts following Mat Honan’s terrible hacking story.* This morning I noticed that, without any fanfare, Apple has extended that preference to the website portal … … so that to log in to iCloud, I need to have one of my ‘trusted devices’. […]

Talk about image and editing power in your pocket!

Watch this short video ad for Bentley Motors, and watch the ‘making of’ feature at the end (starts 3’15”). Wow. Yeah, sure they use a bunch of accessories, but look at the quality of the images. – P via John Gruber @daringfireball

iOS7.1 features

These are nice improvements, in my view… I did the upgrade immediately.

What could be behind Apple’s unwillingness to pass the ‘Spy Lockout’ shareholder resolution?

See: Now, I hadn’t upgraded to OSX Mavericks, so the ‘GotoFail’ bug didn’t affect my desktop, but it appears that ‘error’ was a factor in my iPhone and iPad since iOS6 sometime. The awful coincidence of Apple appearing (according to Edward Snowden’s ground-shaking disclosures) to have joined the NSA’s PRISM ‘direct access to user data’ […]

Dick move Macworld. Really.

This article wafted across my browser … Really? I thought Leaked images? That sounds intriguing … but it’s not till you get to the bottom of the 1300 word ‘article’ (cough) that you read: “There are no leaked images of iOS 8 yet, but as soon as we see them, we’ll share them with you […]

Nice tribute to Nelson Mandela on Apple’s homepage

I see that as a good example of the company’s consonance with my liberal values. Heartwarming. Hateful or cynical comments will be deleted. – P

Watch this MacBook’s fate and try not to wince

– P via Thanks to AK.

The cat sat on the Mac

Nice pic from TUAW reader Richard … Very mice. (not a typo) – P Update: And then there’s this …

NYPD promotes iOS7 security features

It’s pretty clear there’s a market for ‘hot’ Apple devices — ‘hot’ as in stolen! The police think reducing a device’s ability to be reset after theft from its lawful owner will reduce the market. Hence, as Michael Hoffman (@Hoffm) discovered, NYPD are promoting the new security feature of Apple’s iOS7 … with a public […]

iOS7 — no worries

Every now and then one has to ignore the doomsayers. Earlier today I downloaded and installed Apple’s new mobile operating system iOS7 on my iPhone (5) and iPad (2). No issues. Of course, now I’m reading about a worldwide internet traffic spike and terrible delays and Apple’s servers being ‘slammed’ and yada yada … There […]

‘Space gray’? Where have I heard that before? Oh, yes.

Apple has announced a new iPhone model — discontinuing mine in the process. (Does that make it a collectors item? Yep.) The new iPhone 5S comes in three colours: Silver, Gold, and Black, er,  Slate, er, ‘Space Gray‘. What? I knew I’d heard that colour description before … Ah. Stickin’ with the top end marketing programme […]

Time to say goodbye … (Alas iPhone 3G, I knew thee well.)

I bought this trusty white 16GB iPhone 3G the day they were launched in New Zealand in July 2008. It survived a few close calls while in my care, but I passed it, virtually unscathed, to my darling wife … who used it for a couple of years until she inherited my iPhone 4 last […]

Steve Jobs movie trailer

I missed the Facebook movie, The Social Network, mainly because of disrespect. (I’ll catch it sometime.) But yeah, I’ll definitely go and see this one. – P