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Et tu, RTF? (WTF)

See this article by UK-based computer security specialist Graham Cluley Just previewing an Outlook email could infect your computer. Microsoft warns of zero-day flaw. Just previewing it? Gah! I remember when Microsoft Office macros were shown to be able to be exploited to infect computers. I ran my (since departed) MS Office suite with the […]


Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates. What a team. – P via

Alas, poor Skype. I knew them well.

Based on history, the question that emerges for me is how will MS deal with the conflict of interest … and how long before they dumb down the iOS and Android versions of Skype … crippling them like they let the Mac version of Office lag behind the Windows version. Sure, it’s a different playing […]

Wherefore art thou, Nokia? isn’t primarily a tech blog, despite our occasional forays into my nerd past and geeky/cyber present, so I don’t intend to examine too deeply the changes that are going on in the mobile phone and app ‘space’. Others are doing that with more dedication. But these changes at Nokia, formerly the world’s most successful […]

Shock! Horror! Scandal! Microsoft COPIES!

O hardy-har-har-har. Here’s a turn up for the books (NOT!)… via Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land Google: Bing Is Cheating, Copying Our Search Results Here’s the slightly novel bit: Bing Admits Using Customer Search Data, Says Google Pulled ‘Spy-Novelesque Stunt’ The details of the sting, which Danny Sullivan lays out, are interesting. Google artificially […]