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BlueChip: Running out of courts to appeal to

It’s a bad look when someone wins in the District Court, loses in the Court of Appeal, then wins in the Supreme Court. Still, them’s the breaks. What a terrible trail of devastation Mark Bryers and his BlueChip gang left in New Zealand — and that was among the people who got off their chuff […]

She’s a hard road finding the perfect instrument to manipulate the market, son.

Another post from the Colliding Worlds department, here’s an article I just posted at the Empower Education website … Comments & discussion welcome there. – P

Property market predictions … and damage control

Here’s my latest article on the Empower Education website … Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble (with apologies to Shakespeare)* … any comments welcome there. -P * Because in Macbeth Act 4 Scene 1, the witches actually chant: Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

Success is sometimes just a matter of ‘beating the averages’

From the Colliding Worlds department, here’s an article I just posted at the Empower Education website … Comments & discussion welcome there. – P

Pepsi paying the price of admission …

This works.

Internet marketing cowboys will be with us always

The Atlantic has a must-read article on an internet marketing cowboy and [alleged] hustler and con-artist called Jesse Willms. It’s a longish read but a very good one. Reading about Willms, I saw some similarities in the story of motormouth Shaun Stenning, a figure in various failed internet marketing enterprises Geekversity, Twalk, Snipr, YouTube Traffic […]

Philosophy and slippery ethics

Reader & commenter here at The Paepae, Ivan the Terrible, asked me last night whether I ‘fancy’ myself as a philosopher. This was in the context of my post Settlement of legal action as a ‘peace premium’ about the wisdom/risk management of settling a dispute, where possible, rather than pursuing it through the courts. I […]

Settlement of legal action as a ‘peace premium’

I was fascinated by the language New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman used yesterday to describe a settlement agreement between multiple US government agencies and JP Morgan Chase bank over its actions in the Global Financial Crisis, reported as: NEW YORK (TheStreet) — New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman on Tuesday announced a groundbreaking […]

After the storm. You may have to go further than you thought.

After my 5 km this morning I rocked up to the beach looking forward to a swim … Oops. Probably the effect of the overloaded storm water system in the recent heavy rain. Either that or — as one of my fellow swimmers suggested this morning — so much dog shit on the beach it […]

Another brick crumbles

Remember Facebook announced they were going to remove the ability to not be ‘found’ on their network by ‘non friends’? (Facebook. le sigh.) Well, it’s rolling out … I just got this email … Note the use of language: ‘old setting’ you’ve ‘used in the past’. (Actually, no, I use it NOW Facebook. You’re taking […]

Xero. Things that make you go ‘Hmmm…’

It can’t be just me that reads a line like this … It’s been less than three weeks since Xero’s valuation passed through the $3 billion mark. [Now it’s $4 billion] … and thinks, Hmm. Bubble-ish? I’ve got no insider or any other knowledge of the Xero company nor do I own any shares in […]

Social engineering!

It’s GST return time in my empire. Look what fell out of the envelope … This is, of course, just a day or two after NZ Post announced the laying off of hundreds of posties because falling mail volumes means they’ll be dropping urban ‘standard post’ delivery back to three days a week. (See: Hundreds […]

Here’s the story political journos fixated with sports metaphors missed yesterday

I got bored quickly with the boxing/gladiatorial references to Parliament’s Question Time yesterday. Apparently it was David Cunliffe’s first QT as Leader of the Opposition. The coverage I saw was largely a (sad) case of style being reported over substance. Having earlier in the day defended Patrick Gower’s ‘colour’ and instability, I was intrigued and, […]


You’re not really in control of how your next door neighbour … decorates their building. I spotted this contrast on a trip to Wellington recently. I like the zebra pattern. But is it ‘simpatico’ with the pop-top architecture and retrofitted balconies next door? Or are they both cheap and ugly? – P

A note on embracing storms

Spotted in Howick this afternoon — a little bit of wisdom from another age (or New Age?) This is good advice. Rather than indulging our reflexive fight/flight/freeze instincts when we strike conflict, it’s best to look for ways to meet other people’s interests — and get your own needs met. Sometimes that means compromise. It […]