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Internet marketing cowboys will be with us always

The Atlantic has a must-read article on an internet marketing cowboy and [alleged] hustler and con-artist called Jesse Willms. It’s a longish read but a very good one. Reading about Willms, I saw some similarities in the story of motormouth Shaun Stenning, a figure in various failed internet marketing enterprises Geekversity, Twalk, Snipr, YouTube Traffic […]

The trajectory of property spruiker Dean Letfus

I hadn’t seen this until today — a remarkably positive article about investment ‘lessons’ spruiker Dean Letfus has learned from the collapse of his ‘property empire’ in April’s New Zealand Property Investor magazine. A few other bankrupt investors are mentioned to leaven the loaf, but in the main it reads like an article about cover […]

Denouement of Dean Letfus

This has been a slow train coming down the track, and I take no pleasure in recording it. Almost a year after the wheels fell off the Shaun Stenning-Dean Letfus-Steve Goodey hyperbole machine, reality is sinking in with attendant finger-pointing and blame shifting. As you will see if you care to follow discussion and comments […]

Start spamming young…

Now, look, I know Twitter meant this image as a joke … … but the line “I’m a 7 year old SEO GURU!” just soooo reminded me of the Geekversity Instant Expert Shaun Stenning so breathlessly promoted by down-on-their-luck ‘property experts‘. I needed to visit Twitter’s how to respond to spammy mentions page after I […]

Negative credibility

Ha! I like this concept … Writing on The Guardian‘s Comment is free website — Andrew Breitbart and the unwilling suspension of disbelief about the right wing web maven who ‘exposed’ Rep. Weiner — Dan Gillmor referred to his model of ‘negative credibility‘ and included  this neat graphic: Gillmor’s article is worth reading, as, like the erudite j-school […]

Is this how Shaun Stenning’s victims bite back?

Wow. At the risk of being terminally self-referencing, I just became aware of a campaign to retweet links to the mammoth comment thread here on about the refund movement aimed at Shaun Stenning’s twalk and snipr internet marketing schemes and Dollar Rose ‘investments’ (see Is this how Shaun Stenning handles a request for a refund?) […]

A development in Singapore for Shaun Stenning Twalk refund seekers

Spotted this refund development on Facebook today … … that seems like a reasonable offer from the promoter to me. I would assume they split the ‘proceeds’? Success Resources were also promoting the Stenning performing troupe in Malaysia, I believe.  Any word from there? Thoughts?  

Is it worth dishonestly defending a reputation? No.

‘Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.’ – Oscar Wilde . Reputations — good and bad — are a topic we discuss here at from time to time. I’m interested in hearing what you think about it (…if anything). Watching the chickens coming home to roost on some of the […]

Just because it is brilliant …

I was browsing an old discussion thread at PropertyTalk Internet Marketing Consultants – suddenly there are so many…. to check when I first expressed, let’s call it ‘skepticism’ about Shaun Stenning/Geekversity (Answer: June 2009) … since I mentioned that here when discussing how his ex-business partners are NOW blowing the whistle on him. It was […]

Shaun Stenning schadenfreude

Despite what some may suspect, I’ve never been big on schadenfreude and, as noted, I despise grave-dancing. So … I feel some concern for the collateral damage inflicted as it seems pretty clear the wheels are falling off the Shaun Stenning wagon train. In the last few days several of his former business partners, associates […]

Exasperated Shaun Stenning and customers speak out about his ‘refund’ offer

The contentious matter of the ‘refund movement’ targeting ‘get-rich-through-internet-marketing’ salesman Shaun Stenning … and revealing how he and his associates deal with dissatisfied clients … is unfolding. The by-all-reports persuasive Australian spruiker Shaun Stenning and various members of his family and colleagues (including ‘Mr X’ Dean Letfus and Shaun Stenning’s former Geekversity confederate Ian Naylor) […]

Refunds are like kryptonite (Salty Droid)

This is from anti-scam campaigner The Salty Droid. It’s in relation to internet marketers by the name of Jimmy Davis & Dennis Karganilla … whose product he rather, um, colourfully describes in these terms: The 90 Day Challenge sapped victims for between $500 – $2000. It consisted of three main elements :: Recycled information available […]

The Stenning Tweebs try to roll with the punches

Ripples of disappointment continue to emanate from the Stenning performing troupe’s roadshow/sales tour through Asia, during which the smooth-talkers (!) apparently sold platforms/products offering quick-and-easy (‘just three clicks?’) internet riches. As the ‘refund movement‘ heats up against another Shaun Stenning-fronted ‘enterprise’ (spotted the pattern, anyone?) it looks like the gang, through Ian Naylor, is trying […]

In the cross-hairs: low quality, low value websites

A comment today on the Is this how Shaun Stenning handles a request for a refund? thread implies the dissatisfaction with his snipr ‘product’ is widespread: Re: SNIPRscam’ Hi, is anyone else in Melbourne/Australia interested in forcing a refund from Shaun Stenning for his Snipr scam? It seems that asking him nicely doesn’t work. I’ve […]

Another genuine voice … on Shaun Stenning

More ‘comment’ about Shaun Stenning’s Twalk and the Asian ‘refund movement’ … Ru shares her five ‘lessons learned from his program’ … and asks a few questions which I think will be typical of people caught up in the Shaun Stenning roadshow. Here’s a sneak preview: Lesson 1: “…understand that there’s no such thing as […]