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‘Manifest Observable Behaviour’ – Patreon CEO on Content Policy, Lauren Southern

Worth watching in light of the ‘free speech’ debate under way.

Let’s get a little perspective on journalists and bloggers

On the eve of World Press Freedom Day 2014, the press freedom situation in Azerbaijan is worse than perhaps ever before. Journalists and bloggers who dare to criticize the authorities or cover risky topics such as human rights abuses and corruption face a range of pressures, including harassment, intimidation, threats, blackmail, violent attack, and imprisonment. […]

Apropos the Willie & JT thing, read this excellent* Metro editorial by Simon Wilson

A taste: … That’s what makes the response of Willie Jackson and John Tamihere so appalling. They can reasonably be called role models for those young men, which meant they had a particular responsibility. Every decent-minded person the Roast Busters might have listened to was duty-bound to say, “What you do and think is wrong.” […]


via Juha Saarinen @juhasaarinen

Suppressing free speech and editing Wikipedia. Is that why we pay taxes, Mrs Collins?

This blog post (below) from Roger Brooking gives me the creeps. Go and have a read and see what you think. Judith Collins’ staff editing wikipedia articles on justice issues in NZ? I’ll wait. Interesting, huh? Not so much for the [alleged] revelation that someone from Justice minister Judith Collins’ office tried to influence who […]

A strong religious faith and a strong desire for liberty

One of my regular pleasures is a BBC podcast called Witness. I recommend it. Details here. This morning I listened to the episode ‘JFK in Ireland’. And, as often happens, a passage of his words jumped out at me: When my great-grandfather left here to become a cooper in East Boston, he carried nothing with […]

A different kind of internet gagging. And the subtle wit of Judge David Harvey @djhdcj

It’s sometimes possible to ‘get a sense’ of an author by what they write. (Not always.) I’ve talked about the work of Judge David Harvey, New Zealand’s ‘internet judge’ quite a bit here on The Paepae. (See these posts.) I admire him. Because my interests in media/internet/publishing intersect with the sort of cases he handles, […]

This is what I mean by ‘chilling’ …

Here’s NZConservative blogger Lucia Maria, replying to [public] correspondence with the successful applicant in the recent internet take-down and gagging order case I referred to in Is this what we want? Internet ‘take down’ and indefinite gagging orders? and Steven Price: ‘wider factors to consider’ in recent online gagging order. As I do (and others […]

Steven Price: ‘wider factors to consider’ in recent online gagging order

So… it’s not just me who feels uneasy about aspects of the recently-released blogger restraint & gagging order I discussed in my post ‘Is this what we want? Internet ‘take down’ and indefinite gagging orders?‘. Steven Price is a media lawyer, a law lecturer at my alma mater Victoria University of Wellington, and a legal […]

Is this what we want? Internet ‘take down’ and indefinite gagging orders?

I didn’t want to be the one who ‘broke the news’ that, as the Herald on Sunday‘s Kathryn Powley put it in her story ‘Blogger told to stop‘: a blogger has been ordered to remove dozens of posts and comments from her website and issued with a restraining order against a lawyer she harassed on-line. […]

Comments, classified

I don’t enjoy navel gazing about comments and moderation here at The Paepae. Every now and then I’m forced to think about it again because someone wants to have a crack at me or someone else in low-value terms. Usually anonymously. I tend towards no censorship beyond filtering spam (thank you Akismet) and throwing out […]

Bradbury: Martyr or moderated troll?

There’s been a reflexive kerfuffle about hard-left attack dog Martyn Bradbury being told his services will no longer be required as a ‘political commentator’ by NZ public radio after he read a billious scripted rant on a recent ‘discussion panel’. Let me be clear about my own opinion of Martyn: I think he is a […]

Storm the barricades, brothers and sisters!

The zeal of advocacy practiced by some in ‘new media’ is striking at times for an apparent lack of fair-mindedness. In some cases, it seems pretty clear an overt political campaign resembling trench warfare is being run under the guise of ‘news filtering’ or ‘commentary’ or blogging, among other things. Of course, mainstream media isn’t […]

Is Bernard Hickey channeling the Cybermen?

As someone who has occasionally (ahem) run foul of ‘Moderation policies’ at a discussion forum (don’t get me started) I was bemused when I noticed this interaction (below) on I don’t know or care what the anonymous/pseudonymous poster wrote. It must have been blinkin’ bad to raise the ire of the normally fairly laissez-faire […]

Hello anonymous commenters?

Ooh err, anonymous comment trolls — here’s a development reported by The Guardian‘s Josh Halliday: US billionaire wins high court order over Wikipedia ‘defamation’ … Louis Bacon, the founder and chief executive officer of Moore Capital Management, was given permission on Monday to use a UK court order to obtain the information from the US publishers […]