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Lawmakers and ‘leaders of our community’ in action

“Pungent aroma of dickwad” — not my most eloquent criticism, but it will suffice. When they’re not busy enabling warrantless spy agency surveillance powers (under urgency) these lions of the Parliament, Peter Dunne and Jami-Lee Ross take potshots at opposition MPs as ‘muppets, cult-followers, hillbillies, bigots and racists’. How ignoble. [View the story “Conversation with […]

Cher Lloyd’s sarcastic take on ‘wishing’ you were different …

In the context of Lily Allen’s sardonic and catchy message about how hard it is living with other people’s physical … ‘expectations’ … 5′ 2″ Cher Lloyd lets us in on her self-talk. Fabulous. I like this singer, and have for a while, as readers may recall. – P That ‘I wish I was tall’ […]

Piercing the veil. Why I think Martyn is a bully.

A couple of years ago, in a post ‘Bradbury: Martyr or moderated troll?‘, I declared this about Martyn Bradbury: Let me be clear about my own opinion of Martyn: I think he is a sloganeering polemicist. He is also, in my personal opinion, a devious smear artist who hysterically espouses extraordinary anti-democratic ‘positions’, [see On a collision course] […]

Won’t somebody, please … think of the editors?

I’m in the early stages of editing a book. So this made me chuckle … (I’m not saying I’m better than anybody.) – P Via: Jess SilverGreenberg

Rihanna at Vector Arena in Auckland last night

I went to this concert last night — and really enjoyed it. Read a review in the NZ Herald Concert review: Rihanna in Auckland (+photos). Here’s one of Sarah Ivey’s pics of this talented (and let’s face it, gorgeous) performer, Rihanna: Well worth going, if you get the chance. – P

The self-parody of calling someone ELSE ‘sanctimonious’

Look, let me be very clear about this, as I have said in another context: ‘The left are so sanctimonious’ — is virtually a self-parodying remark, if you possess the self-awareness to perceive it. God knows, there are plenty of times I’ve been accused of being sanctimonious* and of ‘pontificating’ (amazingly, usually by people who […]

Oh zing!

Daring Fireball‘s John Gruber cherry-picks a review of Samsung’s ‘smart watch’ (for the full review, see: Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Watch) then sums up: About the best you could expect from Samsung without having anything to copy from Apple: overpriced, ugly, laggy UI, terrible battery life, dubious utility. Oh. – P

Criticism and questioning are part of your job description, Mrs Collins. Get over it.

Apropos my post ‘With respect, Mr Key, you misjudge me.‘ I had a trifling interaction with another government politician under siege this week. I’ve been researching an article about Justice minister Judith Collins — specifically the criticisms of her handling of the David Bain compensation issue. (You may recall my sense of genuine regret and […]

You’re doing ‘hit-pieces’ on government critics, now David? Seriously?

You may remember the name David Farrar. I write about him here now and then, usually fairly affectionately (well, comparatively). David Farrar showing WhaleOil how it’s done Negative credibility sux, eh @whaleoil? eh @dpfdpf? I’d double-check if they told me what day it was A study in spin. And Farrar lends a hand … Wailing […]

‘…the classic kind of despotic manoeuvre Muldoon would have tried to pull off at his most power-drunk.’

NZ Herald columnist Deborah Hill Cone lets John Key and Steven Joyce have it with both barrels in her piece today: Govt’s event-veto powers in SkyCity deal bizarre relating to a ‘bizarre‘ clause in the just-inked SkyCity convention-centre-for-casino-licence-extension-and-hundreds-of-extra-poker-machines deal with the National-led government. I’m a fan of Hill Cone’s writing, as we have discussed before. […]

Another option: Turn the other cheek

Wow, I hadn’t seen this message from Eleanor Roosevelt to John F. Kennedy responding to his complaints about her public criticism of him. Sharp! Gee, I must consider adopting that approach. 🙂 Via @BeschlossDC

Amanda Palmer is a genius! (‘Dear Daily Mail’ song)

I like/love Amanda Palmer. You already know that if you read my post: The gutsy Amanda Palmer: The Art of Asking (TED). Here’s her answer to the Daily Mail‘s consistent misogyny. Unmissable, but perhaps NSFW: Genius. And courageous. What a great human being, and media critic, she is. Hooray. – P Lyrics: (via pastebin) Dear […]

Of logs, eyes, and attributing motives

I got talking over lunch with a friend of mine, Graeme (who comments here at The Paepae as ‘Graeme’). 🙂 Afterwards, I asked him to send me his thoughts about an aspect of that discussion, and he sent me this. I found it good … and share it with you. – P — Peter, I’m […]

This is what I mean by ‘chilling’ …

Here’s NZConservative blogger Lucia Maria, replying to [public] correspondence with the successful applicant in the recent internet take-down and gagging order case I referred to in Is this what we want? Internet ‘take down’ and indefinite gagging orders? and Steven Price: ‘wider factors to consider’ in recent online gagging order. As I do (and others […]

Steven Price: ‘wider factors to consider’ in recent online gagging order

So… it’s not just me who feels uneasy about aspects of the recently-released blogger restraint & gagging order I discussed in my post ‘Is this what we want? Internet ‘take down’ and indefinite gagging orders?‘. Steven Price is a media lawyer, a law lecturer at my alma mater Victoria University of Wellington, and a legal […]