George Bush selling his book

Oh dear me.
I thought he was shallow, but a lazy plagiarist as well?

George Bush Book ‘Decision Points’ Lifted From Advisers’ Books – Huffington Post.

One funny example:

From Decision Points, p. 143: “Later that day, Laura and I went to the Washington Hospital Center to visit victims from the Pentagon…I asked one if he was an Army Ranger. Without missing a beat, he answered, ‘No, sir, I’m Special Forces. My IQ is too high to be a Ranger.'”

From Ari Fleischer’s Taking Heat, p. 161: “The President entered the room of a major in the Army Special Forces who was expected to make a full recovery. ‘Thank you for your service to your country,’ Bush said…’Are you a ranger?’ The major piped up, ‘My IQ is too high to be a Ranger.'”

Plenty more where that came from.