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Laws for sale, UK style

There’s lobbying and then there’s this corrupt garbage. Jeremy Hunt and the Murdochs: how minister oiled wheels of BSkyB bid A haul of email, text and phone call records appear to show how minister aided News Corp takeover Blistering stuff from The Guardian — my hat’s off to Nick Davies and David Leigh. Is it too […]

Blame the Blackberry

From a very-well-worth-reading Reuters article about the News Corp/News International ‘clean up’ over phone-hacking: James [Murdoch] has consistently said that he did not know all the facts when he approved the [£700k] payment [to a hacking victim, soccer union boss Gordon Taylor] despite the revelation by the MSC in December of an email trail that […]

Liars can be truthful?

The weakest part of Piers Morgan’s attempted refutation of his former employee’s allegations that he (Morgan) must have known about phone hacking at the Daily Mirror while he was editor … Morgan, 46, has already dismissed Hipwell’s claims as the “unsubstantiated allegations of a liar and convicted criminal.” Trinity Mirror Group lawyer Desmond Browne also […]

Astonishing corruption at Murdoch’s Wall St Journal

Crikey. If this is how Murdoch’s flagship Wall St Journal operates, what’s going on in the background at Fox News? This tale of corruption, money-channelling and ‘news’ articles used as bribes to keep the conspiracy alive is devastating. It’s from Nick Davies who exposed News International’s phone hacking and police & political corruption … The Guardian […]

Undone by the paper trail (News International’s latest woes)

There’s always a paper trail — and it can come back to bite you at most inconvenient times, as the Murdochs are finding out. Convicted phone hacker, former New of the World royal correspondent Clive Goodman’s 2007 letter in protest at his sacking by News International following his conviction is a case in point. The letter […]

Right wing vixen Louise Mensch front-footing it

We’ve discussed before my preferred policy of tackling criticism head-on, and also, as a policy, publishing all threats I receive. Yesterday British MP Louise Mensch, a protagonist in the ‘hackgate’ scandal admitted she exaggerated Piers Morgan’s ‘admissions/boasting’ of phone hacking in his Daily Mirror days, and publicly apologised. (Although in typical politician fashion, still tries […]

Like Piers Morgan, your past associations linger

Former editors of the News of the World. Personally I see Morgan’s June 2009 comments on the BBC’s Desert Island Discs as well short of a smoking gun, as does Jeff Bercovici: ‘That Piers Morgan Smoking Gun? Not So Smoky’. Read Morgan’s ‘admissions’ yourself and see what you think. Kirty Young BBC: What about this […]


Murdoch Phone hacking – a visceral jolt

Wow, read this piece after my own heart:  Rupert Murdoch Meets His Ahab by Jack Shafer in Slate. Brilliant. First words: If Rupert Murdoch could be slain by a mere scandal, he would have been embalmed and entombed long ago. The genocidal tyrant has successfully swept away every scandal—major and minor—he has ever faced because of […]

Nice to know ‘The Sun’ respects copyright

It’s good to know The Sun newspaper respects copyright. Phew. Oh, it’s News Corp — Rupert ‘so,-basically-you’re-stealing-from-me’ Murdoch. Fair enough.

Murdoch: It’s not old media versus new media …

… it’s about how the content is produced and who is paying for it.” Paraphrase: “Google do not have the right to scrape our very expensively produced content if we want to stop them.” I see content scraped from news sites and reproduced in its entirety on discussion forums and blogs — with a credit […]

One smart person

“Elisabeth Murdoch touts social networking” CEO says youths willing to pay for premium experiences By Elizabeth Guider The Hollywood Reporter Jan 27, 2010, LAS VEGAS — Emphasizing the need for the TV industry to put on its “hard hats” and rebuild the biz for a new era, Elisabeth Murdoch offered up a blueprint which put […]

A rose by any other name

Well, that was quick. Rupert Murdoch’s campaign (what’s the opposite of ‘charm offensive’?) calling news aggregators ‘parasites’ and ‘thieves’ for their activities harvesting News websites’ internal organs material has had rather quick pay-off. We discussed the widely-reported/hyped ‘discussions’ News Corp was supposedly having with Microsoft Bing about ‘de-listing’ News Corp sites from Google (yeah right) […]