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I swear every word of this is true. A couple of days ago I tweeted a link about a ‘Blogger whose poos don’t smell …’ … referring to my post that day about [update:] recent tactics of the VFC anti-MMP campaign … Well, today after I picked him up from school, my son and I […]

How to piss off an All Blacks supporter

Crikey! UPDATE: Apparently the Queenslanders are buying them from a South African T-shirt maker: I made this one off t-shirt for a rugby union mad friend as laugh for his day out with his kiwi mates to the rugby just after the 2007 RWC. To my surprise, four years later, his photo has gone viral […]

Conservatives have more fun. Eh, what? THOSE conservatives?

Photo by Dave Weigel, last mentioned at when he resigned from The Washington Post after being exposed as having opinions (gasp!), see: Do your opinions invalidate your reporting?. Weigel now writes at Slate with today’s piece Sarah Palin’s Big Day Out. That sugared John Le Carré-style honey trap (‘Conservatives Have More Fun!’) is kinda undermined by the regulation […]

Psychic TV

Oh My God. I just watched the classic Bond movie From Russia With Love which finished just before half-past midnight. At the end of a satisfying, anachronistic and nostalgic motion picture experience, and as Matt Monroe started to croon through the theme song (er, no thanks Matt), I flicked around the other channels and came […]

How to channel frustration – Anne Hathaway raps on paparazzi

Here’s an example of identifying with your ‘enemy’ … Well worth a watch. Good skills. Who knew? (via The Next Web) Yo I’m a paparazzi I don’t play no yahtzee I go pop pop pop pop pop pop pop! My camera’s up your crotch See I tell the truth from what I see and sell […]

Polygamy Porter. Why have just one!

My pal Ross brought this beer back from the US for me, following a discussion we had about the multiple marriages of certain church elders. It’s a dark beer called Polygamy Porter … and as well as the Rubens-esque label it carries the tagline: ‘Why have just one!’ (sic — no question mark.) Why indeed? […]

Trevor Mallard demolishes Cameron Slater*

Congratulations to Labour MP Trevor Mallard for good-naturedly wiping the smirk off Cameron Slater’s face. Well, temporarily. The result of the much-hyped (on Cameron’s part) 60 km bike race held this afternoon around Bucklands Beach was: Mallard won easily … by more than 20 minutes. I dropped over to Musick Point this afternoon and met Cam’s […]

Nice work – How to speak New Zillund at the Rugby

Source: Mediaworks

A cynical definition of ‘journalistic balance’

This double-headed response to my musings reminded me of a conversation I had with Richard Long, then The Dominion’s Parliamentary bureau chief, later the paper’s editor, and even later Spin Doctor for two under-achieving National Party Opposition leaders, Bill English and Don Brash. Richard, a Press Gallery veteran if ever there was one (20 years? […]

Reverse product placement? Or hoax?

If this Associated Press report is true (that’s a big IF. It reeks of a publicity stunt) then: HILARIOUS!!  Stigma fallout! (Adidas, get your best PR team on this right away.) Abercrombie & Fitch is offering to pay Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and his fellow Jersey Shore cast members so they’ll stop wearing the brand on […]

Ironic juxtaposition

I’m doing research for an upcoming project and spotted this rather striking juxtaposition of the front and back covers of NZ INVESTOR mag — May 2010 edition. See the wee picture of Sandy Maier on the cover? It’s illustrating an article: Corporate fix-it man Sandy Maier is making sweeping changes at South Canterbury Finance … […]

Makes you think

From The Guardian: Martin Rowson on the final crisis of capitalism European and North American stock markets are at their most volatile since the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers. We had a GFC film festival at our house over the weekend watching Michael Moore’s Capitalism: a Love Story and the Academy Award winning documentary Inside […]

Browser choice and IQ

What a hoot reading the different ways a ‘study’ ‘finding’ that browser choice has been correlated to IQ has been (cough) ‘reported’… People with higher IQ are shunning Internet Explorer: study IE Users Have Lower IQ Than Users of Other Web Browsers [STUDY] Internet Explorer Users are More Stupid Than Others: Study Internet Explorer Users […]

Tea Party leading the world off the cliff – The Economist