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Jordan Williams, Colin Craig podcast series announced

“Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last.” ― Martin Luther King Jr. A long and bitter court feud between former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig and Jordan Williams has been settled, with an apology and compensation from Williams. On Tuesday, Craig sent out a press release saying he’d […]

High Noon for duelling banjos Slater & Craig

One way or another Cameron Slater is going to have to get used to not having Colin Craig as a meal ticket/bogeyman to scare funds out of his cult members. It’s been awful watching Slater, his deputy dog Pete Belt, and wife Juana Atkins milk the outrage and paranoia they have foamed up among the […]

Most Defamed Man Ever Jordan Williams to appeal ruling

Record defamation damages winner (oops, then loser) Jordan Williams has announced he’s going to appeal the ruling striking out the damages bonanza a jury awarded him last year. As we saw previously (See: ‘About that Jordan Williams damages award…‘), the judge presiding over the defamation action Williams took against Colin Craig struck out the jury’s verdict […]

About that Jordan Williams damages award…

I had an ‘incomplete’ feeling about that jury award in the Colin Craig/Jordan Williams defamation case – the ‘record’ amount of damages totalling $1.27M awarded in September 2016. It seemed to me there was a step outstanding: It hadn’t been confirmed by the judge in the case. So every now and then I asked a few people, […]

Jordan Williams judged to have a reputation that could be harmed

The end of the beginning of the legal pissing contest between dark arts ‘Taxpayers Union’ propagandist and lobbyist Jordan Williams and idiot neophyte politician Colin Craig was reached on Friday. The jury in the messy defamation case Williams took against Craig (in part, he said, to pre-empt threatened action by Craig) delivered a ‘record win’ […]

Why does Jordan Williams expose himself to so much loathing, contempt and ridicule?

Lawsuits are always risky. There’s a term for it: ‘Litigation risk’. As a person with a law degree, Jordan Williams should know that. The boy-wonder with a penchant for deceit first caught my eye as the ‘front’ (as in, public face) of the grubby and dubious anti-MMP campaign ‘Vote for Change’. I wrote about that […]

Is Colin Craig ‘defaming’ Cameron Slater and his commercial attack website?

So, Colin Craig is pushing back against the protracted Dirty Politics-esque smear campaign that Cameron Slater and some of his muppets carried out against him, presumably on behalf of shadowy ‘clients’. Slater Jnr may deny it (he is, after all a proven liar who “talks big up from nothing”),  or he may say his ‘clients’  were, […]

Maurice Williamson. ‘Blood on the floor’ … and now maybe in the water?

Nobody’s perfect. Personally, I think Maurice Williamson is a saint with the patience of Job. I’ve seen him sit through two Scholars’ Assemblies at my daughter’s college and not fall asleep or disgrace himself by unfortunate scratching or leering at teenage lasses. When I think about how he’s been the local MP for 27 years, […]

Conservatives’ Colin Craig vows to be ‘less casual’ about conspiracies

In response to this fiasco … Someone on the Conservative Party website asks … What’s the deal with all these ‘conspiracy theories’ that have been touted about in the media of late? The media are having a field day! It must be a low news week for them or something! – Maria “Here’s a response […]

Colin Craig: Getting ahead in politics by being polarising

Hmm. I’m not sure about the reliability of privately-funded political surveys (although National Party operative David Farrar may do quite well from them) but I notice this approach … The leaflet includes a survey of 2200 New Zealanders commissioned by Mr Craig which showed that 71 per cent of respondents felt MPs should consult their […]

Colin Craig’s Conservatives targeting Pakuranga’s Maurice Williamson

I’ve got no criticism of this, just noting that as a voter registered in the Pakuranga electorate I received this political advertising from Colin Craig’s Conservative Party a day or two ago. It targets local National MP Maurice Williamson personally, by name and photo, with a quote of Maurice comparing gay marriage to marrying your […]

Conservatives have more fun. Eh, what? THOSE conservatives?

Photo by Dave Weigel, last mentioned at when he resigned from The Washington Post after being exposed as having opinions (gasp!), see: Do your opinions invalidate your reporting?. Weigel now writes at Slate with today’s piece Sarah Palin’s Big Day Out. That sugared John Le Carré-style honey trap (‘Conservatives Have More Fun!’) is kinda undermined by the regulation […]