Oh My God. I just watched the classic Bond movie From Russia With Love which finished just before half-past midnight. At the end of a satisfying, anachronistic and nostalgic motion picture experience, and as Matt Monroe started to croon through the theme song (er, no thanks Matt), I flicked around the other channels and came across … Psychic TV.

Psychic TV – I can't believe this is an industry... but it is. Wow.

To my astonishment, one of the ‘offers’ was for me to ring them (maximum charge per call NZ$102.21 including GST!) and if I didn’t get through, to leave a voice message on their answer machine. Presumably, the psychics can work with that? Although see the scrolling chyron that tells viewers ‘Not all voice messages can be played on TV’. Good grief.

Unbelievable. But so what? Who cares what I think? I’m not their target market.

– P