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More SEO fakery … highly automated

No big outrage: Received today through the Empower Education feedback form … which asks for feedback in these terms: Send Us Your News, Views and Rave Reviews Your Comments and Questions We value your feedback. Please let us have your advice on features, content (and any bugs!). Use the following form to contact us with […]

Viral – video of octopus stealing camera!

I hadn’t seen this ’til this morning … wow! Take a look at this octopus footage … Good comment on YouTube: “Those indie octopus film-makers will resort to any means to get equipment.” LOL (Video below the fold to stop the youtube code slowing down this page)

Nice bit of work. He shoots, he scores!

I’d heard that Fox News’s photogenic and intelligent host Megyn Kelly (who I have before observed deny reality) categorically denied that Fox News carries pundits and commentators using Nazi rhetoric to hammer political opponents (which we sometimes refer to here as Godwin’s Law). Maybe she’s talking about a different Fox News? Here’s Jon Stewart, playfully […]

Great photo!

An interesting article about Mark Twain impersonators in the New York Times was illustrated with this fabulous photo by Candice Nyando: Read the article at

Not a bad mission statement

Broadcaster Keith Olbermann recently gave an insight into his motivations and goals for a controversial segment of his show… “This ordinarily is where you would see our ‘Worst Persons in the World‘ segment,” Olbermann said Monday late into the broadcast. “For more than two months, I’ve struggled with its value. We suspended it for a […]

Snakes alive!

I’m not going to say which gaggle of personable snake oil salesmen sprang to mind when my niece read out this joke from our Christmas crackers this year. (It’s true.) Poisonality. Bwahaha! Who? Take a guess.

Sometimes it seems pretty obvious

In my in-box … an obvious scam… … why would anyone respond?  (But I guess it only takes a small percentage …) PT Barnum: “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

When listing achievements, always use the third person …

One of my heroes was Peter McWilliams who taught me so much about life in general, and publishing in particular (along with my pal Roger Steele, on both counts). In 1991, Peter McWilliams published a terrifically practical and instructive book on publishing — Self-Publishing, Self-Taught … which he sold for US$95 — and that price point […]

Yeah, why not have a sense of humour?

I just signed in (and out) of my vodafone account. Here’s the ‘thanks for calling’ screen… It’s all marketing. (How you feel.)

The Ridiculist – catchy title, nice approach

In a case of ‘sometimes if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry’, from The Spruiker’s Lament … Peter Aranyi makes fun of spruikers and travelling salesmen as if they were actually ridiculous… At the time I hadn’t seen Anderson Cooper’s The Ridiculist (“a new hypocrisy-exposing segment on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360“) … but I like it. […]

The Spruikers’ Lament

Q: Why is that guy Peter picking on us? A: There can be only one reason: He must be in ‘direct competition’ with us! Yeah! Oh yes. Actually, maybe there’s another reason: He’s a hypocrite. That’s it. A nasty hypocrite. Because (how does it go again? Oh yes, I remember…) He’s in the exactly the […]

D is for unintelligent

If you use any of these ‘most commonly used passwords‘, take yourself outside and give yourself a good smack. Duuuumb. 1 012345 2 password 3 12345678 4 lifehack 5 qwerty 6 abc123 7 111111 8 monkey 9 consumer 10 12345 … Demonstrating why you should not use the same password for multiple websites, the hackers […]

Glenn Beck = fruitcake?

Is it just me? Or is this guy Glenn Beck nuttier than a Christmas cake? Observe the range of emotions he, er, emotes as he  tells the horrific (made-up) story of what happens when people who have a ‘Like problem’ — i.e. who don’t click the ‘Like’ button on his Facebook page — they ‘kill […]

Ooh, err…

Bleurgh! I can just hear someone saying, ‘Gosh Darnnit. Kids have to grow up so fast these days, don’t they?’

Big whoop

This made me chuckle. In my travels I’ve seen advisory signs alerting passersby to notable sights and landmarks. Eiffel Tower, Lincoln Memorial, Place des Arts, Buckingham Palace, Empire State Building, Raffles Hotel, Petronas Towers, Taipei 101, Golden Gate Bridge, etc…. Here’s one I saw today: Gee, I wouldn’t want to have just driven by.