There’s a saying in newsrooms which goes something like: “We’d better hope when the End of the World comes there won’t be a sports reporter on the newsdesk … because they’ll have used up all their superlatives.

Irreplaceable? Dan Carter OUT! (Image: David Davies/PA Wire/Press Association Images)

Look at this great lead paragraph regarding a Rugby League star:

Last night’s game redefined the word irreplaceable.

From now on, when you open the dictionary, there will be a picture of Darren Lockyer there, instead of a written meaning.   Brisbane may not have won even if Lockyer had been fit and played, but they were never going to win without him. …

Isn’t that great? Read the full article Fairytale ends for Darren Lockyer, Broncos by sports writer Greg Prichard on

And yet, with the news today of Dan Carter’s injury putting him OUT OF THE RUGBY WORLD CUP … well, ooh err, gulp!

Maybe we should look in the Dictionary…?

– P