Oh, really? Detail from a photo at Sarah Palin rally today (pic by Dave Weigel - click)

Photo by Dave Weigel, last mentioned at ThePaepae.com when he resigned from The Washington Post after being exposed as having opinions (gasp!), see: Do your opinions invalidate your reporting?. Weigel now writes at Slate with today’s piece Sarah Palin’s Big Day Out.

That sugared John Le Carré-style honey trap (‘Conservatives Have More Fun!’) is kinda undermined by the regulation cargo pants (and is that David Farrar in the background, on the left(!) also in cargo pants, with his back to us? Neh!)

Anyway, there IS a new Conservative Party here in New Zealand, founded by the [by all reports] carefree and fun-loving Colin Craig, who is standing against ‘awful‘ ACT/National retread John Banks in Epsom. UPDATE: as a candidate in the Rodney electorate. See Dom Post.

Newly-formed Conservative Party of NZ is standing Colin Craig (above) in Epsom (click)

I wonder if Colin Craig will adopt this ‘Conservatives have more fun‘ sloganeering from the US, in fine The Hollow Men tradition. (Oh, hang on, that didn’t work out quite so well for Don Brash …)

Apparently, just to prove the (NZ) Conservative Party promises oodles of fun for the whole family, you can start with this neato quiz: ‘How Conservative Are You?’ (Oh boy! You know I’ve always wondered about that.)

Time is a precious thing and of course not everyone is going to be a conservative voter. So for the benefit of all readers here is a checklist of key principles and policies. You might like to check the boxes provided as you go and score your “conservative total” at the bottom.

Go on. You know you want to find out ... (click)

To paraphrase Nathan Hale, I only regret that I have but one vote to cast for my government.
Oh, hang on, MMP — two votes. Nice.

– P