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A couple of happy pirates (and a not so happy one)

Possibly they were celebrating the fact that it wasn’t either of them who was involved in an excruciating 16 minute interview on Morning Report trying to sell a bill of goods to Kim Hill like Anne Tolley was this morning. Oh dear me. Plumbing ridiculous depths, Mrs Tolley – the Minister for Social Development – […]

On arrogance and credulity

I’ve had cause to think about privacy issues recently, and situations where people and organisations can fairly be said to have ‘interfered’ with someone’s privacy (well, mine, in fact, but that’s a story for later). Today I stumbled across a 2012 non-apology letter from then Social Development Minister Paula Bennett who faced an adverse finding […]

Paula Bennett has been egregiously let down

Say what you like about Paula Bennett’s [alleged] predilection for vindictively infringing other people’s privacy. Say what you like about her untenable denials and bullheaded refusal to acknowledge her transgressions (Privacy Commissioner findings notwithstanding). Say what you like about her perceived pulling-the-ladder-up-behind-her with respect to changes to training allowances for solo mums. Say what you […]