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You cannot believe your eyes. (The Queen’s Gambit’s visual effects are astounding.)

Like, I guess, millions of other viewers, I throughly enjoyed the Netflix 7 hour series The Queen’s Gambit. Not only was it perfectly cast and acted. The writing, the music, the costumes and sets were all amazing. The visual effects, by a company called Chicken Bone FX, were absolutely astounding. They were so much more […]

Tintin in The Matrix – cool

Wouldn’t this be cool?! h/t to @becs and @CamilleStein

Styling Dr Who

The character Dr Who has always displayed a wide palette when it comes to styling. The idiosyncratic Time Lord’s sartorial ‘look’ has allowed viewers to enjoy projecting or interpreting the asynchronous and anachronistic elements. Capes, long coats, quirky hats and long scarves, steampunk gizmos etc. With the upcoming first regeneration as a woman, the gates […]

Jordan Williams is still a lawyer

A quick follow-up. Earlier, I had wondered aloud whether New Zealand’s most defamed man, part-time propagandist and bad boyfriend Jordan Williams would still be ‘good to go’ as a lawyer, by New Zealand Law Society standards. I noted his practising certificate was due to expire on June 30. And it seems it’s been renewed (right). This […]

Tilted – Christine and The Queens

Spotted on Graham Norton… Wow. Opening lyrics … I’ll die before Methusalah / So I’ll fight sleep with Ammonia And every morning with eyes all red / I’ll miss them for the tears they shed But I’m actually good / Can’t help it if we’re tilted …

On our way back to summer

Some of my Northern hemisphere friends are grumbling about a less than convincing summer so far. But here in New Zealand we’ve just had the longest night and I took this pic (above) out my kitchen window at 7:22 this morning — the morning of the shortest day. Yay — we’re on our way back […]

Tedeschi Trucks Band – ‘Anyhow’

Tedeschi Trucks Band – “Anyhow” (Live in Studio) via Horus @real_Deity 

The toxic mental effects of being in power too long

President Barack Obama tells Jerry Seinfeld ‘world leaders’ who’ve been in power too long lose their judgement. Interesting that he would say that, eh? Seinfeld says, meaningfully, “Privilege is toxic.” Yep. I’ve had cause to think that in regard to certain unpickings in New Zealand politics, recently.   See the exchange in context in this […]

Being critical


Oh. A certain Food & Grocery Council member will be HATING this graphic.


A sad, but pithy assessment of John Key by Rod Oram

I read Rod Oram’s Sunday Star-Times column last night, and, more in sadness than anything, found I have to agree  with his assessment: There’s a theory that John Key, Steven Joyce and Bill English have been cunningly carrying out a programme of ‘incremental radicalism’ — privatisations that aren’t portrayed as privatisations so as not to frighten […]

A shiver of recognition. World War III propaganda poster designs

Wow, there’s something about these poster designs by Bill McMullen – visualising what might be themes of ‘messaging’ from the gummint in the event of the simmering cold war turning hot. Take a look at these and more and read the article by P.W. Singer and August Cole at the Motherboard website.

Another deceitful photoshop fail

One more in my occasional series highlighting Photoshop deceit… this time showing the unreality of distorting body images using Photoshop — i.e. bulking up Justin Bieber. via @caffiene_addict Of course, as previously noted, women generally get slimmed down …  

Taylor Swift NOT entertaining misogyny, even for laughs

I saw this on Graham Norton’s show last night and was impressed with Taylor Swift’s deft ‘warning’ to comedian John Cleese … to not engage in comic misogyny – not even as a joke. Good on her. Here’s a short clip of the show. Watch as Taylor Swift considers her response to Cleese’s sexist tease. […]

Eric Clapton’s ‘Edge of Darkness’

Some Twitter buddies discussed a movie of Dirty Politics … … which reminded me of the spooky music Eric Clapton composed/performed for the tv series ‘Edge of Darkness’.