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Getting around ad blockers …

We discuss web browser ad-blockers like Safari Adblock here from time to time, and since I use one routinely I enjoy a pretty much ad-free environment … so of course the heat is on to find ways to get around it. Here’s the Huffington Post’s latest attempt … ‘sponsor generated content‘: Still, without Safari Adblock […]

Another dose of financial hyperbole …

An occasional commenter here on, known as ‘Xav’ here and at PropertyTalk, did some homework on ‘bargain’ US properties being assiduously hawked by property spruiker Dean Letfus to his database and via the internet  … From Dean Letfus’s list of Atlanta properties: Address . . . . . . . . . . . […]

As part of this settlement, you agree not to tell the truth …

This clause, apparently an excerpt from a settlement between the borrower-victims of a mortgage issued by GE as part of the Blue Chip scandal, reminds me of something … “The borrowers agree not to comment adversely about the mortgagee or any member of the General Electric group of companies whether in New Zealand or elsewhere, […]

Sean Wood and Steve Goodey: Read the fine print

Oh boy! These, apparently, are the terms and conditions of the ‘lucky prize draw’ I referred to in my post Calling all gullible gamblers! They seem very complicated — totalling 1,114 words. An ‘Entrant Selection Draw’ followed by a separate ‘Main Prize Draw’ wherein a lucky punter (who needed to be physically be in the […]

Is Steve Goodey confused … or rewriting history?

Property spruiker and professional salesman Steve Goodey seems to be a very confused man. That’s one explanation. I stumbled across a statement ex-Richmastery franchisee Steve Goodey posted on the PropertyTalk discussion forum last week claiming that he’d been a ‘full-time property investor for 15 years’ — which made my ears prick up. Eh? I thought. […]

Understatement of the week

From a NZ Herald article today by Helen Frances, ‘Beware narcissists in workplace‘ … People who habitually make such grandiose statements combined with other, often intractable, behaviours may have narcissistic personality traits. Simpson has spent the past six years researching narcissism in the workplace for a PhD and concludes organisations are better off not hiring […]

Accountants promoting internet get-rich-quick? Good grief.

We briefly discussed fool’s gold last week … do any readers of recognise this name: WORLD INTERNET SUMMIT? I seem to recall Shaun Stenning and his overblown and ill-fated snipr and twalk schemes were hyperbolically promoted at something like this? (See how that worked out here: Is this how Shaun Stenning handles a request […]

Greener grass in yonder paddock …

I’ve met the bright guy quoted in this Financial Post story Don’t be tempted by US firesale. It seems he is quoted warning Canadians about buying the wrong type of distressed US property in an article largely warning not to do it at all. How oddly dissonant. It may sound like a dream come true, […]

All that glitters is not gold

All that glisters is not gold; Often have you heard that told … . Food for thought from William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice — quoting legendary fable and proverb collector (plagiarist?) Aesop and forebears. Fool’s gold The mineral pyrite, or iron pyrite, is an iron sulfide with the formula FeS2. This mineral’s metallic luster […]

Alas, poor Skype. I knew them well.

Based on history, the question that emerges for me is how will MS deal with the conflict of interest … and how long before they dumb down the iOS and Android versions of Skype … crippling them like they let the Mac version of Office lag behind the Windows version. Sure, it’s a different playing […]

Bernard Whimp gets his name in lights … sort of

You may recall my posts ‘Low-ball share buyer Bernard Whimp in action‘ and ‘Bernard Whimp – another suck of the saveloy. No shame?‘ which catalog this unimpressive Christchurch businessman’s questionable, um,  ‘endeavours‘. The Financial Markets Authority announced today it has ordered Bernard Whimp and his associates  to “include a warning from the FMA at the beginning […]

Silence and the abandonment of moral leadership

Wow.  Following President Obama’s decision to publicly release the long form of his birth certificate to address Republican crazies, conspiracy theorists and cynical opportunists (or all three like Donald Trump) I read a brief essay by Clarence B Jones which, like others since, squarely placed the hallucinatory ‘controversy’ in racist territory … and also echoed […]

Calling all gullible gamblers!

Two communications arrived in my in-boxes a day apart … and I couldn’t help but see them as similar. Property spruikers Sean Wood and Steve Goodey are soooo keen to get you along to their hyperbolic sales pitch that if you buy a ticket to attend (instead of getting one free from an affiliate, or the […]

More than one way to screw your own online reputation

Like many others I’m following ‘personal development guru’ James Arthur Ray’s manslaughter trial in Arizona, and one of the best ways to do that is reading The Salty Droid’s very colourful and determined coverage. I was pleasantly surprised to see that a local (i.e. New Zealand) blogger whom I have met online, corresponded with and […]

Unjust enrichment? Well, yeah, maybe.

Remember when Arianna Huffington and her co-owners sold The Huffington Post to AOL for $315 million? And remember how some of those who blogged and contributed to the site out of a sort of collective, we’re a left-wing blog in a world of right-wing media altrusim felt a bit let down? Like the last thing they […]