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Playing with numbers

I thought perhaps I might sell my home, and so, I decided to do a little research on when historically the best time might be vs. the best historical sales price that might be obtainable. From the R100 Market Facts page at the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand web site: I downloaded all […]

A discredited profession? — Financial advisors.
About time!

The backlash against the alarmingly greedy pigs on Wall St (“Bail Out People, Not Banks”) was long overdue. Self-inflicted wounds. We’re also familiar with the loathing of the corporate fat cats who showered excess on themselves even as the punctured airship foundered — and, more scandalously, even in receipt of taxpayer-funded bailouts. But now I […]

Out-of-date records, poor systems… are a CLUE!

There’s a very interesting article on Securities Industry News regarding the out-of-date computer systems used to fleece ‘investment strategist’ Bernard Madoff‘s victims. A highly secret, largely undocumented computer trading system was maintained and “used solely to create and maintain an alternate reality of trades never made.” Short-lived Madoff IT project manager Bob McMahon said “I […]

Domain renewal skulduggery? Or scam?

I got an email out of the blue yesterday reminding me that a domain name we maintain for one of my authors Olly Newland was due to expire and needed renewing. The email looked like this: Note the expiry date: 2009-10-04. Following the conveniently-provided link (“If you wish to continue using your domain name please […]