The weakest part of Piers Morgan’s attempted refutation of his former employee’s allegations that he (Morgan) must have known about phone hacking at the Daily Mirror while he was editor …

Morgan, 46, has already dismissed Hipwell’s claims as the “unsubstantiated allegations of a liar and convicted criminal.” Trinity Mirror Group lawyer Desmond Browne also has rejected Hipwell’s allegations.

NZ Herald

Although someone fitting Morgan’s description of Hipwell undoubtedly does face challenges to their credibility, it doesn’t follow that nothing they say is true, nor that their recollections of their work environment (i.e. “phone hacking was run of the mill”) are lies.

I’ve interacted with some compulsive liars in my time. It’s amazing watching them lie about things they don’t need to lie about to facilitate their con. It’s as if they just can’t help themselves — which is why it’s called ‘compulsive’ huh?

The other compulsion is denial, even faced with convincing evidence of their misdeeds some people just can’t admit it. I read about the Nuremberg trials and the blame-shifting and denial rife in that group. I was reminded of this when I saw a report that James Murdoch claimed he ‘didn’t read’ an explicit email … oh dear.

Best line was Charlie Brooker’s tweet:

Former Mirror journo says phone hacking was “bog-standard journalistic tool”.. So was Piers Morgan!!!1! LOL etc

– P