… it’s about how the content is produced and who is paying for it.”

Paraphrase: “Google do not have the right to scrape our very expensively produced content if we want to stop them.”

I see content scraped from news sites and reproduced in its entirety on discussion forums and blogs — with a credit and link, sure, but doesn’t Murdoch’s point apply: If ‘the source’ wants to stop that happening so they can build their OWN brand, it should be stopped, right?

Or where does the ‘open platform’ argument that YouTube is making in its copyright argument with Viacom end?

Reproducing something another person or entity has paid to produce makes you a user at best, a parasite or a thief at worst. Now, I acknowledge we’re all working this out as we go, so no big pointing finger from me… but where will it end up, I wonder?

And, incidentally, Murdoch sees the Apple iPad as a game-changer:

…all media will be coming to the iPad [or similar competing colour devices coming fast] whether it be music, or books, or newspapers or movies” … and it’s different to the “black and white” Kindle.

Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal reports on the race to get content deals tied down.

Very. Smart. Man. Worth listening to. Last word:

People have got establish and promote their brands. Brands are where the money is. And you can’t really promote a brand on the internet with search.