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Farewell Leonard Cohen. RIP

I had enormous admiration for this giant, and also gratitude for the influence of his music – his soul music – his meditations and his anthems in my life. Words, many more words, will be written and spoken about Leonard Cohen, and so they should. But not by me here today. I have so much […]

The Letters

Radio NZ’s Mediawatch podcast featured a couple of excellent interviews — with Jim Tucker and David Fisher. As is my habit, I listened to it on my walk this morning. Available here (35’27”). I recommend you listen to it. Later on my walk, as I carefully picked my way around the coast at low tide, […]

‘Love’s the only engine of survival’

I had the pleasure of a long drive alone today — which gave me a chance to listen to some of my Leonard Cohen collection. Loved it. This live version of The Future is not as sharp as the CD version, but still good. And lyrics to breathe in deeply. (Below the fold) I’ve seen […]

Leonard Cohen’s manager sentenced. He wishes her peace.

Leonard Cohen’s former manager Kelley Lynch whose [alleged] theft of his retirement funds while he was, for years, in a Buddhist retreat has been jailed — not for the theft, but for her harassment of the singer after he fired her. Here’s a sentence from his statement to the court: “I want to thank the […]

Leonard Cohen’s new album

Yup, I’m a fan (and a fashion victim?) and, of course, immediately bought Leonard Cohen’s new album Old Ideas. I’d been waiting, as noted. It’s good. I notice today it is #1 on iTunes. That’s remarkable, given his longevity and the time in the wilderness and the shallow ‘music to slash your wrists by’ blurb. […]

A new song from Leonard Cohen

The Darkness — by Leonard Cohen from his upcoming new album Old Ideas For me, Leonard Cohen is an example of someone who produces life-affirming inspiration from behind the cloud of a life blighted by bouts of depression. Good on him. I’ve been listening to his music all summer in my car. More here: Leonard […]

Time for some more Leonard Cohen

Breathe in, breathe out … – P

Let’s make it an even 5-million views … Leonard Cohen

When I watched this, it was sitting at 4,956,083 views on YouTube. I’ve seen Leonard Cohen perform this song LIVE twice: Montreal, Canada and Wellington New Zealand. What a legend. (Yeah, I’m a fan.) Apparently there’s a new collection coming out: The Complete Albums Collection while we’re waiting for a new album. – P

The Letters … by Leonard Cohen

You never liked to get The letters that I sent. But now you’ve got the gist Of what my letters meant. You’re reading them again, The ones you didn’t burn. You press them to your lips, My pages of concern. I said there’d been a flood. I said there’s nothing left. I hoped that you […]

Leonard Cohen: A remarkable life. Indeed.

A dear friend gave me this terrific book for Christmas. I love and am inspired, challenged, chastened — simply moved by Leonard Cohen. (‘I know his melancholy is your joy, Peter, but can we change the music please?’ my beloved wife said to me once.) The book is a must-have for serious Cohen fans (and […]

The superlatives still run hot for Leonard Cohen

Another night, another happy and satisfied bunch of Leonard Cohen fans. My pal Graeme went and sent me a text at the intermission, saying ‘Now I know what you were talking about!‘ Cool.

If you missed him last time …

Leonard Cohen and his nine-piece band will return to New Zealand for three shows later this year. Concerts in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch will form part of a nine-city Australasian tour in October and November. — NZ Herald today If you know who he is, I can’t recommend this highly enough — it was an […]