The character Dr Who has always displayed a wide palette when it comes to styling. The idiosyncratic Time Lord’s sartorial ‘look’ has allowed viewers to enjoy projecting or interpreting the asynchronous and anachronistic elements. Capes, long coats, quirky hats and long scarves, steampunk gizmos etc.

With the upcoming first regeneration as a woman, the gates were flung even further open. So far so good. She looks cool in this shot. Even the braces. Man, this is going to be great.

But then, gee, in the long shot. Love the coat, but wha?

Short-legged trousers? Why?

Perhaps they’ll look better in motion? (Disclaimer: I have zero fashion expertise. I could be getting this ALL WRONG. It’s likely in fact. And who cares what I think about this? Nobody. That’s right.)

I’m looking forward to seeing this new version of the Doctor in action.

– P