Leonard Cohen in Weybridge, Surrey, on his world tour. Photograph: Matt Kent/Redferns via The Guardian

Leonard Cohen’s former manager Kelley Lynch whose [alleged] theft of his retirement funds while he was, for years, in a Buddhist retreat has been jailed — not for the theft, but for her harassment of the singer after he fired her.

Here’s a sentence from his statement to the court:

“I want to thank the defendant Ms Kelley Lynch for insisting on a jury trial, thus… allowing the court to observe her profoundly unwholesome, obscene and relentless strategies to escape the consequences of her wrongdoing,” he said.

“It is my prayer that Ms Lynch will take refuge in the wisdom of her religion, that a spirit of understanding will convert her heart from hatred to remorse, from anger to kindness, from the deadly intoxication of revenge to the lowly practices of self-reform.”

Pretty wonderful sentiment, huh?

via The Guardian: Leonard Cohen’s poetic thanks as former manager and lover is jailed for harassment … which also carries another article suggesting we, as Cohen fans, maybe should be grateful to Kelley Lynch for forcing him out of retirement and sparking a late burst of creativity. Well, I know what the writer means.

I have seen Cohen in concert Live twice now, in Montreal and in Wellington, and those concerts were damn near perfect. I found them and think of them as ‘holy’ experiences that I am so glad to have been able to enjoy. Wonderful.

– P