Yup, I’m a fan (and a fashion victim?) and, of course, immediately bought Leonard Cohen’s new album Old Ideas. I’d been waiting, as noted. It’s good.

I notice today it is #1 on iTunes.

That’s remarkable, given his longevity and the time in the wilderness and the shallow ‘music to slash your wrists by’ blurb.

There’s quite a good (4.5 out of 5) review in today’s NZ Herald from Graham Reid here. An extract:

Such lyrical refraction and shifting perspectives (on life and death as much as relationships) are what makes Cohen such a rare voice and lyricist. Old ideas, yes. But also the universals: love, forgiveness, the pain of life and the mystery of death.
Leonard Cohen remains a convincing witness to all these things, a reassuring voice and a firm and warm guiding hand.

As I have said before, this wise, humble, Canadian poet is one of my inspirations. I wish I approached his eloquence. He is an acquired taste, yes, and one I recommend you sample for yourself, if you haven’t. His multi-layered lyricism and, in a surprising way, his passion, will grow on you.

– P