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Dealing with sensory overload. Find some empathy.

Being primarily an auditory learner (as well as linear, logical ‘left brain’, blah-blah) has served me well. It seems the traditional education system is built for people who display those preferences, like me. But that ‘sound sensitivity’ can be a curse too, and far more than just a physical thing — as this video snip […]

A little bit of understanding of Asperger

Congratulations to journalist Janet McIntyre, giving us an insight into life for someone with Asperger syndrome via her ‘A tale of two light bulbs‘ documentary. I hope some more understanding of these people will result from such public/media exposure. (Is that too much to hope?) We discuss Asperger here on from time to time […]

Totally worth reading article on writing. (Refs Autism/Asperger)

Here’s a very worthwhile article with valuable tips on writing (check the comments stream for more!) It’s by Steve Silberman who wrote The Geek Syndrome for Wired magazine, which we discussed in passing in 2009. Anyway… … I’m finally writing a book of my own. The subject of my book is autism, the variety of […]

Adam – a movie about Asperger syndrome

I recommend you watch Adam, a terrific film about the struggles of someone with Asperger syndrome. What a lovely, moving, poignant story! See this movie if you have anyone in your life who you think could possibly have Asperger’s tendencies. It will help you empathise (is this my word for 2011?) with their journey and […]

Poster boy Jim Parsons WINS!

How cool. Asperger’s poster boy Jim Parsons has won an emmy for his role as Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory: Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series. I applaud this talented comic who has been a real ambassador for geeks and people with Asperger’s everywhere. Along with the cast and creators of the […]

Hello, Jason? Asperger’s doesn’t equal ‘sociopath’

OK, so we all know Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has a reputation for being treacherous and a bit of an arse, but this reference by Jason Calacanis to Asperger’s syndrome seems like sloppy labelling to me … otherwise, it’s an interesting opinion piece. A little self-indulgent, but that’s part of Jason’s recipe. Last year, when […]

‘If you tell a lie often enough you’ll start to believe it…’

More from Michael Lewis on the success of Dr Michael Burry… Includes this: [Big finance firms selling sub-prime instruments] create lots of risk. The only way you get that risk out there and get people to take it is to disguise it. So they got really good at disguising the risk and they got so […]

Karl Lagerfield – interviewed by Bruce LaBruce

When Vice [Magazine] called me last month with an out-of-the-blue offer to fly to Paris and interview the Kaiser himself, Karl Lagerfeld—creative director of the $10 billion Chanel empire, the house of Fendi, and his own eponymous line—I jumped at the chance. I have to confess that I wasn’t an expert about the fabled fashion […]

The truth is disturbing. Who is paying attention?

Fantastic article and video of 60 Minutes on Michael Lewis Wall St meltdown here. “I’m afraid that our culture will come to the conclusion, ’cause it’s always the easy conclusion, that everybody was just a bunch of criminals. I think the story is much more interesting than that. I think it’s a story of mass […]

It’s up to every single one of us …

Sometimes we think it’s up to other people… but I say, ask: ‘What can I do?’ Big issue or small, near or far, scary or comfortable, don’t duck for cover: ‘What can I do?’ (Thanks to AK for the tip and Asperger’s poster boy ‘Sheldon’ (Jim Parsons) for being so … flexible.)

Asperger’s. Of course. Are we surprised?

Michael Lewis takes an unexpected corner in this excellent book extract about the bursting of the (US) subprime bubble. From his new book The Big Short (they’re ALL very good, from Liar’s Poker onwards), this chapter Betting on the Blind Side is about a gutsy, insightful fund manager called Michael Burry. This extract at Vanity […]

“No more lies”

Thank goodness there are still people like this in the world … Bridgecorp staff told to lie to investors, court told By Edward Gay  NZ Herald Monday Feb 15, 2010 A former staff member of failed finance company Bridgecorp has told the court she and her colleagues were told to lie to angry investors who […]

Speak up (or shut up) to defend a friend?

I’ve had occasion to reflect on this, one of my habits/traits/addictions: Speaking up for my friends. And, having thought about it: Yup — I’d do it every time. It’s almost involuntary. (Asperger’s?) I’d hope (but not expect) my friends to do the same for me. There’s another aspect, too: A friend of mine was approached by […]

Is there a ‘whistle blower’ personality type?

It’s emerged that the latest book by economist Gareth Morgan After the Panic is being recalled because there’s “a mistake that must be corrected” (see notice from the publishers here PDF) … a new edition is being readied to replace the first edition (now a collectors’ edition?) This self-styled “straight shooting” book was launched just last month […]

Gulp. Surely they’re not talking about us …

from Nick Carr‘s ‘Roughtype’ blog (June 27, 2009) … The sour Wikipedian Forget altruism. Misanthropy and egotism are the fuel of online social production. That’s the conclusion suggested by a new study of the character traits of the contributors to Wikipedia. A team of Israeli research psychologists gave personality tests to 69 Wikipedians and 70 […]