Being primarily an auditory learner (as well as linear, logical ‘left brain’, blah-blah) has served me well. It seems the traditional education system is built for people who display those preferences, like me. But that ‘sound sensitivity’ can be a curse too, and far more than just a physical thing — as this video snip of Mark Jonathan Harris’ and Marhsa Kinder’s Interacting with Autism shows.

Before the glib among us write off Asperger’s and life on the autism spectrum as ‘plain rudeness’, self-indulgence, a fashion statement, or just a bad personality, and short of seeing everyone as a ‘victim’, there’s a middle ground: Where we can notice (a lovely word) that some people, who sometimes seem to have trouble concentrating or seem ‘easily distracted’, or have difficulty interacting socially, are walking a tougher road.

Have a heart for people like this. Especially children.

Sensory Overload (Interacting with Autism Project) from Miguel Jiron on Vimeo.

– P