I recommend you watch Adam, a terrific film about the struggles of someone with Asperger syndrome.

Adam — I recommend this movie

What a lovely, moving, poignant story! See this movie if you have anyone in your life who you think could possibly have Asperger’s tendencies. It will help you empathise (is this my word for 2011?) with their journey and some of the obstacles that they — and those who love them — face.

The movie is illuminating and, for those who care about people with Asperger’s tendencies, it tells an inspiring and sympathetic story … it is moving without being cloying or overly sentimental.

Well done to writer/director Max Mayer and his team of filmmakers and the cast. Wonderful. Read more about it at Wikipedia

Thanks to my good friend Karen S who put the DVD in my hand without knowing the topic is one of the themes of this blog.

And if you haven’t yet, listen to the soundtrack of this insightful documentary ‘Oops, Wrong Planet’, by Australian Stephen Ramsey … broadcast by Radio NZ’s Our Changing World: under the title Living with Asperger Syndrome