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Jon Stewart: ‘There is nothing Apple can do to get us mad at them.’

Hardy-har-har And here, with less mirth, making the same point is Joe Nocera writing in the The New York Times … Here Comes the Sun Indeed, Apple’s fabulous success over the past decade or so — its creation of the iPads and iPhones that the world lusts over — is a large part of the […]


Donald Trump (whom I don’t follow on Twitter), clearly displeased by something Jonathan Chait wrote, has a crack at him and the excellent New York magazine. Which Chait (whom I do follow) immediately re-tweeted. Visit the tweet online to see how it backfired on The Donald. (He may not see it that way.) When public […]

Who is better at snooping? GCSB or Google?

Microsoft ‘internal’ video. Read the background at The Verge: Leaked Scroogled video sees Microsoft parody Google’s Chrome ad – P


During his final speech/personal explanation on resigning from Parliament yesterday disgraced National MP Aaron Gilmore paid tribute to his leader in these terms: I wish to thank the prime minister and the National Party as a whole for providing such strong leadership in challenging times. I was first elected to parliament almost five years ago, […]

Herp Derp. SPELLING, Mr Joyce.

Hey, I’ve published some deeply embarrassing typos in my time (some of them howlers) and I’ve been saved from more by eagle-eyed subs and copy editors, believe me. But that doesn’t make it less amusing when you see some other plonker miss what always seems so dead obvious after it’s been pointed out: Doh! The […]

The irresistible urge to rewrite history

I read Glenn Beck’s comments over the weekend that he left Fox News “to save my soul” and thought: Really? Glenn Beck, ex-Fox News host turned media entrepreneur, said Friday that he left the conservative cable channel in order to save his soul: “If you stay in it too long, you become Norma Desmond,” Beck […]

‘Taniwha’ — Nice use of language, Rudman

The road monster needs feeding again, oh woe, what will we do? For 50 years, Aucklanders have been trying to pacify this particular taniwha. We’ve criss-crossed the isthmus, with strip after strip of tarmac in his honour. But it’s never enough. Give me more, he growls, or I’ll bring your city to a grinding halt. […]

Twitter password IQ test

Oh boy! An intelligence test for Twitter users. Is it a spoof? (Answer: here.) – P Thanks to Nic Wise @fastchicken

How to be News Reporter

No point in hiding from this stuff: (warning: some salty language) In the wake of all the errors made in covering the Boston Marathon bombings, someone decided to show what it really takes to be a news reporter. — @evmoneyTV He’s wrong about the pay. – P From the fabulous via Mathew Ingram

Steven Joyce’s hyperbolic response to an Opposition policy announcement

Wow. I heard and saw some response from NZ government figures to the joint Labour/Green announcement of policy concerned with electricity market reform. Ministers Steven Joyce and Simon Bridges apparently couldn’t wait to slam the policy vociferously, taking the opportunity of ‘stand-ups’ in Parliament’s hallways to foam at the mouth issue a comment. Having paid no […]

Avoiding clichés like the plague

The NZ Listener‘s Toby Manhire makes an important announcement regarding the writer’s hazard: Occupational Overuse Syndrome (which I try to avoid — in fact, I wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot barge pole — despite being (ahem) cited in the article. 😉 @listenerlive Fair cop guv’ @toby_etc — Peter Aranyi (@onThePaepae) April 11, 2013 – […]

Marilyn Monroe ‘selfie’

Hey, I know it’s faked. And based on this: But it still makes me smile. – P via the unfortunately-named reporting an equally unfortunate outage in Apple’s iMessage system, which I use every day: Update: Three hours later, iCloud is all back in working order. (Dedicated to S-R & L McQ.)  

tl;dr … and an old joke from Cactus Kate

If you don’t already know, this pithy abbreviation tl;dr means ‘too long; didn’t read’. It’s sometimes used as a bitchy little put-down of someone else’s writing. Lawyer Timothy Tostais describes (PDF here) how the call to shorten (dumb down?) legal advice brings risks … TLDR may not be a new issue for lawyers in offering […]

The dark side of social media

Someone called me a troll yesterday. Well, he worked up to it. First I was said to “have clear troll like tendencies”, then later, as we discussed my criticisms of how he operates some more, out it came: “You are a troll”. Mm-bokay. (Suffice to say, that’s not how I see what I do.) Which […]

Monochrome. I knew it!

From Andrew Sullivan … Yep. Makes perfect sense. – P You might be interested in reading this: Tribalism.