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A old joke with a new twist cites @PeterDunneMP

Spotted in East Tamaki today: Nice reference to United Future Party’s re-registration woes and Peter Dunne’s recent … er … elevated public profile. Smart advertising. – P PS the reverse side is a reference to Tony Soprano!

The Press Gallery thinks it’s sooo #badass …

Here’s to the knuckleheads.* Affectionately, – P * Yeah, I bought the T-shirt. 🙂 Top pic: Scott Griessel bottom: Universal Studios

Another option: Turn the other cheek

Wow, I hadn’t seen this message from Eleanor Roosevelt to John F. Kennedy responding to his complaints about her public criticism of him. Sharp! Gee, I must consider adopting that approach. 🙂 Via @BeschlossDC

Leave Duncan Garner alone! (And stop blaming the weed.)

Let me say, first of all: I don’t know how long it takes to get synthetic cannabis out of your system, but I think it is grossly unfair of people who take issue with the accuracy of Duncan Garner’s use of statements of ‘fact’ (and his political sources) to keep referring to this: The latest […]

Amanda Palmer is a genius! (‘Dear Daily Mail’ song)

I like/love Amanda Palmer. You already know that if you read my post: The gutsy Amanda Palmer: The Art of Asking (TED). Here’s her answer to the Daily Mail‘s consistent misogyny. Unmissable, but perhaps NSFW: Genius. And courageous. What a great human being, and media critic, she is. Hooray. – P Lyrics: (via pastebin) Dear […]

Astonishing use of Photoshop to bend reality (John Key edition – episode 2)

Remember this?: …well I thought that was amazing use of Photoshop. But look at THIS: Astonishing! The image appeared in my Twitter stream. I don’t know who the artist is. (If you do, drop me a line in comments below or at this address, and I’ll update it.) In an effort to locate its provenance, […]

A short course in comparative religion

I’ve seen this before, but it’s still funny. (Thanks to my friend Turi Hollis.)

Sights and SOUNDS of coffee being made

Yeah, I’m a coffee addict. I’ve also worked in broadcast engineering, and specifically, acoustics. So this video from Diego Stocco appeals to me on all sorts of levels … Diego Stocco – Huge Coffee from Diego Stocco on Vimeo. Yum. Of course, for many of us, the aroma is the best part of coffee. So, […]

A different kind of internet gagging. And the subtle wit of Judge David Harvey @djhdcj

It’s sometimes possible to ‘get a sense’ of an author by what they write. (Not always.) I’ve talked about the work of Judge David Harvey, New Zealand’s ‘internet judge’ quite a bit here on The Paepae. (See these posts.) I admire him. Because my interests in media/internet/publishing intersect with the sort of cases he handles, […]

Better than a power cut, I guess

If my responses to your comments and emails are a little slower than usual, here’s why: That slender cable is my (and my neighbours down the street from that point) connection to the outside world (phone/internet). It’s been like that since the 8th of June: 8/6/13 10:57 am From Telecom Support: Your Land Line issue […]

Synchronicity. When random song ‘choice’ makes you chuckle …

One of the cool things about having plenty of memory in your iPhone (and why I got a 32GB one) is you can put heaps of music on it (as well as my podcasts etc). Then, as happened today, occasionally the shuffle in my Nike+ Running app tosses up a song I haven’t heard for […]

What a great stencil!

From All Things Digital, illustrating an article about patent trolls. FTC Plans Patent Troll Probe. (Dedicated to Craig.)

Finding safety in a ‘boring’ normal life

I like cartoonist Guy Body whose work the NZ Herald publishes. I bought the original of one of his cartoons which reflected public debate sparked when we published Olly Newland’s book The Day The Bubble Bursts. (You can see it in this post.) Guy perfectly caught the very dangerous ‘group think’ phenomenon which props up […]

Why you should follow @onThePaepae on Twitter

Just a shameless plug. Follow us (@onThePaepae) on Twitter for even more eclectic goodness, like this example … [View the story “Conversation with @onThePaepae and @GCSBIntercepts” on Storify] See? It’s not all doom, gloom, outrage and smashed iPhone pix. – P

OS X Grumpy Cat

Apple’s just announced new Mac OS X software along with a revamped iOS  (7)  for iPhone/iPad. Apparently they’re calling it ‘Mavericks’ ending the big cat references (I use OS X ‘Mountain Lion’). Shame they couldn’t make use of this one. (I mean, half the work’s been done for them …) – P