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The irresistible urge to rewrite history

I read Glenn Beck’s comments over the weekend that he left Fox News “to save my soul” and thought: Really? Glenn Beck, ex-Fox News host turned media entrepreneur, said Friday that he left the conservative cable channel in order to save his soul: “If you stay in it too long, you become Norma Desmond,” Beck […]

Things that aren’t supposed to be said

Following up on my post the other day about deciphering political codes, highlighting how political campaigns sometimes try to imply the unsayable (like ‘Keep Howick White’) … here’s a fantastic article by Gabriel Sherman in New York Magazine about Fox News supremo Roger Ailes dealing with unstable wunderkind Glenn Beck … which relates to the […]

Glenn Beck = fruitcake?

Is it just me? Or is this guy Glenn Beck nuttier than a Christmas cake? Observe the range of emotions he, er, emotes as he  tells the horrific (made-up) story of what happens when people who have a ‘Like problem’ — i.e. who don’t click the ‘Like’ button on his Facebook page — they ‘kill […]

Being Glenn Beck

There’s a REALLY interesting profile on Glenn Beck in the NY Times magazine. Totally worth reading. – P