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Nothing like a clear rule

Spotted this sign as we were paying for lunch yesterday. – P


A friend tweeted a link to this AAP/NZ Herald story about research into coffee drinking, with the ALARMING headline… Coffee quaffers face increased death risk: study As someone who, from long years of practice, knows how to repeatedly give up drinking coffee (i.e. I’m imbibing again, at present) reading it made me queasy — but […]

It’s approaching double entendre, and, yeah, made me chuckle.

I spotted this advertising display at the foot of an escalator today. Nuthin’ exploitative about that. (Seriously.) Good on Serena Williams. – P

What does the fox say?

via Laura. Wow.

“… serious criminal offences …” *

From ACT Party insider Simon Carr’s slender volume The Dark Arts of Politics… In the end, despite attempts at distraction (or bluster) the evidence speaks for itself … and is often inescapable. For my own part, I try to be a reasonable person, remaining open to negotiation where possible. But only up to a point. – P […]

Unspeakably good satire about a serious matter

Ben Uffindell of The Civilian blog is seen as our latest Bright Young Thing of political satire — and rightly so. With his delightful mimicry of the ‘voice’ of news reporting (much like The Onion, although he’ll perhaps be tiring of that comparison) Ben manages to produce satire that is so soaked in verisimilitude that […]

Memorable quotes

“Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into!” – Oliver Hardy, from the movie Sons of the Desert, 1933.

Fighting fire with fire. It may not always be effective, but one can understand the urge.

Auckland Law Revue parody of Blurred Lines. Entertaining and edgy. Good work. – P via @CaitinMoran Update: according the the NZ Herald, the three women are: Adelaide Dunn, Olivia Lubbock and Zoe Ellwood. Excellent. (Note the beefcake doesn’t get a credit.)


Spotted this on my walk yesterday. It made me chuckle.

Still delightful. Mila Kunis

I saw this at the time (March this year) and found it charming … stumbled across it again today and still chuckled. If you haven’t watched, see if you enjoy Mila Kunis enjoying a little bit of welcome variety on the PR treadmill … – P

Yet another beautiful model with the geek glasses

Remember I mentioned in ‘Trying to make Google’s glasses look glamourous‘ how the strategy seemed to be: Juxtapose beautiful women with the Google Glass in hopes for a bit of glamour rub off? Yeah, that. – P

Are you dating a tyrant? Take our simple quiz to find out!

In response to a comment from Shayne: How do I know if I’m dating a despot? It’s a jungle out there for innocent citizens like you. We understand. It’s nice to have someone in your life, someone to hold you close — but how do you know if the guy you’re dating is actually an […]


via Juha Saarinen @juhasaarinen

William Shakespeare’s ‘Star Wars’ {snort}

Watch the trailer: 

Celebrating cartoonists. Art and politics.

Ah, the power of creating an immersive imaginary world. And yeah, it’s ART alright. No question. Garry Trudeau’s very sharp Doonesbury is still my all-time-favourite for all kinds of reasons. Locally (New Zealand) I like Tom Scott (see this & this) with honourable mentions (gee, I cite them here at The Paepae frequently enough!) to […]