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A fork in the road

Written with different events in mind (i.e. Rick Sanchez’s anti-semitic rant – since apologised for – and Juan Williams being axed from NPR following his revealing ‘When I see muslims on airplanes I get nervous’ gaff) this e-postcard made me chuckle about a local situation. It’s true: no one likes being labelled a racist — […]

What a great comment!

I just had to share this neat little story. How cool. As text below the fold

There’s sometimes a price for HOW you state your opinions

No, actually, I’m not talking about Paul Henry. Over the weekend CNN anchor host Rick Sanchez was fired after a misguided book promo/radio show appearance turned into a rant where he accused The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart of being a ‘bigot’ towards Hispanics, of working with the ‘north east liberal elite’ to keep ‘people like Rick’ […]

His Master’s Voice?

Te Radar’s Eating the Dog — well done

Last night I was packed into a school hall with a bunch of my neighbours — not because we’d been evacuated from earthquake-damaged homes like the afflicted of Canterbury, although they were on our minds — as part of the audience of a very clever, well-written and well-delivered ‘romp through the pages of our history’. […]

Celebrating quirkiness

I’ve just set up an album on The Paepae’s Facebook page to collect and display those quirky error messages etc. Feel free to contribute any more!

Poster boy Jim Parsons WINS!

How cool. Asperger’s poster boy Jim Parsons has won an emmy for his role as Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory: Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series. I applaud this talented comic who has been a real ambassador for geeks and people with Asperger’s everywhere. Along with the cast and creators of the […]

A fragment …

This document fragment found itself to my office fax machine. At the top of the first page was a handwritten note … This is much too pointed… could even be inflammatory! TONE IT DOWN, please … don’t  waste ‘straight-talk’ on this rubbery character. – M.K. [fragment begins] == D R A F T _ O N L […]

Re-framing World War II as a facebook profile page…

OK, I know I may be WAY behind on this, but if you haven’t seen it — Bwahahaha…it’s hilarious! Thanks to Brett Roberts.

Another reason to speak up now

Speak up! Tell your truth — Do the right thing NOW. You may not always have the opportunity … As someone said elsewhere: “I am not perfect or lily white and try never to claim to be.”  … but we do our best, right? (This art just resonated for some reason.)

OK. I’ve heard of selling your grandmother …

Oh boy! The first ever ‘All-Conservative Email Service Provider’! YOUR Don’t miss out! [snort] Send Michael Reagan $35, get a e-mail address! by ALEX PAREENE 30 Jul 2010 For the low, low price of $35 a year, you can trade in your tired old “free” Gmail or Yahoo or Hotmail e-mail address […]

Talk about product placement!

Funny, I’ve got one of those MacBook Pro laptops like the one President Obama used to demo the new website … but mine doesn’t have the Presidential seal plastered over the Apple logo. Jeez, those of us using Macs used to be ‘oddballs’, ‘outlaws’ and renegades (‘the elite’ I always used to say, which […]

Still one of the best

This back page ad from TIME magazine is still one of the most memorable for its ‘tone’. It was part of a ‘A True Story’ campaign in the late 1990s by the mighty American Express to show their services are more than just a credit card…. that they really do try to serve international travellers’ […]

Never argue with an idiot …

… People watching may not be able to tell the difference.” So, I made a brief comment, mainly about a bloke (perhaps) being misquoted and (perhaps) inadvertently being caught up as window-dressing for someone else’s selling machine. He came out slugging and justifying his position. Defending his ‘reputation’ with legend-in-my-own-lunchbox slogans, bristling. It reminded me […]

Guest ‘guru’ sometime soon?

How long can it be before ‘Tumbleweed’ Dean Letfus invites G Sharp to share the stage as a guest guru? I’m sure his sales pitch would fit right in! I spotted this engaging ad in last weekend’s Sunday Star Times — the very same edition that carried the Property guru does US u-turn story by […]