This back page ad from TIME magazine is still one of the most memorable for its ‘tone’.

It was part of a ‘A True Story’ campaign in the late 1990s by the mighty American Express to show their services are more than just a credit card…. that they really do try to serve international travellers’ needs.

I like the photography and the humour:

THE AMERICAN EXPRESS “Had I known the Salavdor Dali etching you purchased a year ago in Italy was never shipped to you, I would’ve tried to get this lovely picture of … er … whatever, to you sooner” SERVICE.

Nice work from Amex's ad agency.

And the nice touch of the ‘snap’ of an attractive, hard-working Amex rep on the phone, holding the picture sideways … well, it’s just a nice ad.

It makes me smile — which is a good attribute for their brand.
How can we encourage that response in our own marketing (for… er… whatever)?

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