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What can he possibly mean?

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley making a point about the limits of his relationship with Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel … “Sure I talked to him, I talk to him. Sure, I know about it,” Daley said. But Daley said he hasn’t offered Emanuel any advice about a mayoral run. “I don’t give any advice, […]

Critical? Who, me? Naaaah!

Some people might think my canine love story or Shaun Stenning: Monkey or Organ Grinder or Dean Letfus claims DEFAMATION! comments have been a bit harsh… but look at this recent campaign ad from Arizona… Imagine if I used language like that! (Roll on Friday, eh boys?)

Scarlett Johansson actualizing ‘Black Widow’

Returning to our occasional theme of the essentially derivative nature of art. If you recall, in January in a post called ‘Nothing new under the sun…‘ we discussed the serious inspirational debt the character of  ‘Black Widow’ in the comic series Ironman owed to the portrayal by Diana Rigg of  Mrs Emma Peel in the […]

Godwin’s law

Sometimes falsely truncated to: ‘The first person to mention Hitler in an online argument loses’, Godwin’s law actually states (well, according to, gulp, Wikipedia): As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1. I saw the misinterpretation of Godwin’s law: “first person to mention Hitler, Nazis, or […]

Mocking Bill O’Reilly – such a juicy target

Recently on Fox News, Mr-Exception-that-proves-the-rule Shep Smith may have been (-subtly-) taking the mickey out of Bill O’Reilly over his infamous “We’ll do it live!” meltdown… But for my money, by far the funniest spoof of O’Reilly going thermonuclear was the crew’s “Bill O’Reilly’s Producer (Unseen footage)” — watch: (warning: some blue language) From […]

It’s up to every single one of us …

Sometimes we think it’s up to other people… but I say, ask: ‘What can I do?’ Big issue or small, near or far, scary or comfortable, don’t duck for cover: ‘What can I do?’ (Thanks to AK for the tip and Asperger’s poster boy ‘Sheldon’ (Jim Parsons) for being so … flexible.)

Now Attack ads?

This fantastic spoof of a political attack ad just works. Excellent! Like Fake Steve Jobs, it’s brilliant satire — all with the ‘aim’ of getting 37Signals’ new book REWORK ahead of Karl Rove’s Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight on the best-seller lists. I love the sunrise and the uplifting music […]

On the wall of honour … Fake Steve Jobs on Google

So good, I had to plonk it here: One of my heroes, Fake Steve Jobs (Dan Lyons)… China to Google: Drop dead Minister of Information Technology says Google must obey the laws or leave, and China doesn’t give a crap because they’ll be just fine without Google. (Especially since they apparently can waltz into Google’s […]

I love geeks

From the support FAQ page of Instapaper (following the normal software-specific support Q’s): Why does my iced coffee taste so bland? It’s probably diluted with too much melted ice. Brew it more strongly and chill it before serving — never pour hot coffee over ice. The ice should only be used to keep it cold, […]

Quite a good quiz

Quiz: prime ministers v the media From The Guardian… Prime ministers and journalists have often had a difficult relationship. As Lance Price reveals in a new book, Where Power Lies: Prime Ministers v the Media (from which these quotes are taken), the two sides have been criticising each other, in similar terms, for years. This […]

The very best you can afford …

Apropos of my earlier post ‘More unintended consequences?‘ … Tom Scott nails it. (via

A lawsuit waiting to happen…


Tax? ‘Quite a good idea’…

In New Zealand, there’s been a lot of, umm, ‘debate’ (heat but not much light) about finding a way to tax residential property investors. Much ado about nothing, we hope. Here’s a brilliant ad in support of a proposed UK tax on banks… I have one or two people I would like to question in […]

More unintended consequences?

How’s this for taking things a leetle bit too far… (It makes a good point though.) Did the US Supreme Court consider that by ruling the government may not ban political spending by corporations in candidate elections (on the basis that it’s a ‘free speech’ right!) that it was, in effect, giving corporations ‘human rights’? […]

Pun competition: Dubai’s financial woes

The puns are coming thick and fast in news reports and discussion about Dubai’s financial woes: “Dubai’s economic miracle built on foundations of sand.” “It was all a mirage.” “When the sh*t hits the sand” Any more?