Oh boy! The first ever ‘All-Conservative Email Service Provider’!

YOUR NAME@Reagan.com

Don’t miss out! [snort]

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Send Michael Reagan $35, get a Reagan.com e-mail address!

by ALEX PAREENE Salon.com 30 Jul 2010

For the low, low price of $35 a year, you can trade in your tired old “free” Gmail or Yahoo or Hotmail e-mail address for the privilege of enriching the man Ronald Reagan and his hated first wife adopted in 1945 and promptly forgot about. That’s right: Michael Reagan is selling “@reagan.com” e-mail addresses. Offer ends tomorrow!

(You can still buy an @reagan.com e-mail address after tomorrow, but it will cost you $40.)

Read on at Salon.com and watch the Video (hosted on ‘The Conservative Alternative to YouTube’ — no kidding!)  below the fold.