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I can see where this principal is coming from …

Principal Asks Parents To Ban Facebook, Social Networking It’s a ‘news story’ at present in the States… read about it here at Huffington Post if you care, or (better in my view) read the principal’s actual email letter (below) … then, if you want, read the news coverage. Dear Benjamin Franklin [middle school] Community, In 2002 […]

Lowlife con-artist uses internet to fleece Kiwis

Good riddance to this lowlife who, according to the NZ Herald this morning, came to this country as a visitor and scammed Kiwis using his ‘knowledge’ of how to pull confidence tricks over the internet: Rogers, who is in his late-30s, was sentenced this week in the Napier District Court to 17 months in jail […]

Scott Adams – on ‘legal’ use of Dilbert cartoons

LOTs of people routinely reproduce Scott Adams’ Dilbert (and Gary Trudeau’s Doonesbury, my other favourite) thinking their lil’ ol’ blog is too small to matter and they can fly under the radar. Adams discusses his views past and present, and presents his new, streamlined, licensing model with ‘License Me’ button. The post is worth reading […]

Is cloud-based e-mail ‘private’? Depends who you ask!

From Google’s friend-of-the-court submission to a case where the US Dept of Justice is trying to get access to Yahoo users’ e-mail for law enforcement officers to read: “…users who store their e-mail in the cloud enjoy a reasonable expectation of privacy that is protected by the U.S. Constitution.” “Society expects and relies on the […]

Get real about your Facebook ‘friends’ – Seth Godin

Recently I posted a video clip of Permission Marketing guru Seth Godin’s comments about ‘worthless’ social media networking in reply to a comment from Sarah ( re fake Facebook friending. We’ve discussed this before. Remember the fortune-cookie? I’ve just seen a related clip (but still only 2 minutes) which expounds on the ‘giant cocktail party’ […]

ex-Reporter Helps Convict a Con Man

No, not me. I have Google alerts loaded for all my authors — the search engine automatically sends me an email message with a reference when one of them is mentioned on the internet. So for several years, among the articles, interviews, TV appearances and reviews of my authors, I’ve also been getting alerts about […]

Shaun Stenning: Monkey or Organ Grinder?

The recent flurry of legal threats (well, threats of threats, really) from Australian Geekversity internet marketing ‘guru’ and travelling salesman Shaun Stenning and local property spruiker Dean Letfus seeking to suppress negative comment about their joint activities (and, apparently, really embarrassing photos on Facebook) has got me thinking. Judging by accounts of Shaun Stenning’s unpublicised […]

Godwin’s law

Sometimes falsely truncated to: ‘The first person to mention Hitler in an online argument loses’, Godwin’s law actually states (well, according to, gulp, Wikipedia): As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1. I saw the misinterpretation of Godwin’s law: “first person to mention Hitler, Nazis, or […]

iLearningGlobal ditches MLM, bemoans lack of leaders

This is too bad. I thought this best-teachers-in-the-world-on-video model (a la Buckminster Fuller) had some real possibilities. (Thank goodness for iTunes, iTunes U, TED talks, BBC, NPR and a zillion audio & video podcasts that distribute terrific material — a great deal of it free). The MLM structure (requiring a high monthly ‘spend’ from your ‘downline’) […]

Facebook — leaks like a sieve

Facebook Glitch Exposes Private Email Addresses Huffington Post 31-Mar-10 Just over a month after a Facebook glitch sent personal messages to the wrong users, a new Facebook flub that struck yesterday evening exposed members’ private email addresses. The bug hit at around 6:45PM ET Tuesday evening and lasted approximately 30 minutes… Continue reading at HuffPo […]

Point and counter point … bottled water

Great example of an exposé of ‘Manufactured Demand’ for bottled water … Followed by a ‘fake journalism’ (complete with ‘noddies’) PR/propaganda fightback by the bottled water manufacturers*…’Good Stewards of the Environment’ How do they keep a straight face? *Let me know what BWM Report could possibly stand for.

What new media needs to learn from old media

COURAGE . What journalism should be: Dogged and fearless Wise words from one of my former editors, Don Rood, reviewing Nothing but the Truth by Anna Politkovskaya on Radio NZ this morning. Yeah! Damn right. Dogged and fearless. To proudly call yourself ‘new media‘ and talk about freedom of speech is good. But recognise that […]

The peasants are revolting

Remember this?: Very recently, it seems, under threat and pressure from different advertisers/spruikers, or the poor economy, or something, the ‘corruption’ (to use a word I really dislike) appears to have spread. It has now reached the point where … the forum Moderators and management appear to be actually CENSORING THE DISCUSSION FORUM to make […]

A tale of woe … or fevered imagination?

The vast majority of the world’s population will NEVER visit an online discussion forum. They don’t care. (More important things to do etc.) Those who do (visit, and care) can be divided into a few categories from lurkers (who look but don’t post) to occasional and regular posters, to fanatical networkers and naked self-promoters who […]

Dedicated to my friends at PropertyTalk …

Remember who and what you’re fighting for: the readers, the community, your independence. Turn your speakers up and sing with Johnny Cash. Look inside and find your courage.