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I’m reading a version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island to my young son. This neat interchange caught my eye: Soon the Captain waved his hand for silence and we all stopped talking, except for the good doctor, who went on speaking loud and clear. The Captain glared at him and commanded —”Silence below decks!” […]

On the wall of honour … Fake Steve Jobs on Google

So good, I had to plonk it here: One of my heroes, Fake Steve Jobs (Dan Lyons)… China to Google: Drop dead Minister of Information Technology says Google must obey the laws or leave, and China doesn’t give a crap because they’ll be just fine without Google. (Especially since they apparently can waltz into Google’s […]

How dangerous is Facebook?

Tech columnist for The Independent Rhodri Marsden, prompted by the jailing in the UK of a serial rapist/murderer who groomed his latest teenage victim through Facebook,* reflects … What is it about these sites that’s creating such a problem? First, they’re extraordinarily popular with young people. Facebook is second only to Google in terms of […]

Ad-supported site … or ‘supporting’ the advertisers? A case study.

An interesting debate is rumblng about the use of Ad-blockers on web browsers… Ars Technica’s Ken Fisher laid out his case “Why Ad Blocking is devastating to the sites you love” including this section which got me thinking: My argument is simple: blocking ads can be devastating to the sites you love. I am not […]

Erring on the side of ‘simple’

A police investigation into ‘stolen’ or ‘leaked’ emails from the Leader of the Opposition’s office reveals just how slack so-called computer security can be… until we have reason to beef it up. I bet they’re more security-conscious now! “While it is accepted by the experts interviewed that external hacking can never be fully eliminated, ‘hacking’ […]

Neither one nor the other…

The profession “blogger” is still not considered “journalism”, depending on whom you ask and the time of day. Comment 42 from ‘Gus2000’ on Roughly Drafted Magazine blog re Daniel attending and asking questions at the recent Apple shareholder meeting but not being ‘allowed’ to report them. Gus has it right. (But for how long?)

I love geeks

From the support FAQ page of Instapaper (following the normal software-specific support Q’s): Why does my iced coffee taste so bland? It’s probably diluted with too much melted ice. Brew it more strongly and chill it before serving — never pour hot coffee over ice. The ice should only be used to keep it cold, […]

That’s a LOT of page views … (and SPAM & bots)

JESS3 / The State of The Internet from Jesse Thomas on Vimeo.

“Buzz kills privacy” – ooooh!

So you don’t like Google Buzz? Turn it OFF, then, and stop complaining: Nightmares for Gmail users as Buzz kills privacy – NZ Herald : “Of course, those still dissatisfied can simply turn off Buzz. There’s a small link to do so at the bottom of the Gmail inbox page.” Duh. UPDATE: – a bit […]

Cyber-bullying — and an aftermath

One of my early blog posts here at reflected on Remembering the cyber world is not the real world. Of course there are exceptions, like the NY model slandered anonymously whom I discussed in Potshots from behind a mask of anonymity are, by definition, cheap: My view: People need to be accountable for their […]

A three horse race to rule over the global distribution of digital content … Apple in front by a nose.

Worthwhile evaluation from someone who knows the publishing game better than most — and from more angles. Why Apple’s iPad is shaking things up with Amazon and Google from Martin Taylor’s e-report — digital publishing downunder When Apple launched its long-rumoured iPad tablet computer late last month, it fired a major salvo in the battle […]

The rise (and fall) of the value of online advertising

Following a report on Apple boss Steve Jobs pitiching the iPad distribution channel to NY newspaper chiefs… The highlighted bit (see below) about online advertising space being (a) infinite in supply and therefore (b) valueless accords with my thinking (although I am not a genius, nor all that experienced). I’ve done some online advertising and […]

Apple’s iPad: “a replacement for computing”

“The iPad isn’t the future of computing; it’s a replacement for computing.” — Mike Monteiro, A vision of the future…. As many others have noted, the release of the iPad might be the cannonball into the consumer device pool the iPhone dipped its toes in. It’s also been referred to as a thing that sits between […]

“Bringing a large dose of common sense into the equation…”

Somebody thinking clearly about the internet copyright ‘three strikes, you’re disconnected’ proposals: An Australian judge has ruled that ISP iiNet is not responsible for its customers breaking copyright laws. (Of course it will be appealed!) Aussie ISP strikes landmark blow in copyright war By Pat Pilcher NZ Herald Thursday Feb 4, 2010 Aussie ISP iiNet […]

Social media as high school reunion

What they didn’t know, and never could’ve predicted, was that the Web would also transform itself into an enormous, never-ending high school reunion (See also: hell). … Let’s see, so the digital revolution led us all to this: a gigantic, commercial, high school reunion/mall filthy with insipid tabloid trivia, populated by perpetually distracted, texting, tweeting […]