Facebook privacy is laughable - image by Peter Aranyi

Read it and weep

Facebook Glitch Exposes Private Email Addresses

Huffington Post 31-Mar-10

Just over a month after a Facebook glitch sent personal messages to the wrong users, a new Facebook flub that struck yesterday evening exposed members’ private email addresses.

The bug hit at around 6:45PM ET Tuesday evening and lasted approximately 30 minutes…
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And some people are worried about how they look tagged in Facebook photos… sheesh! That’s nothing.

Boy, when are some people going to wake up to the fact that the internet isn’t a safe place to put ANYTHING you would rather other people didn’t see?

As one Huffington Post commenter luckylily88 says:

okay, if you don’t want it to be potentially public, don’t put it on your facebook. this goes for addresses, phone numbers, pictures, status updates, and email addresses. honestly, people, a little thought goes a long way. i have a feeling a lot of the people who are complaining are those middle aged “nostalgic” members who don’t understand how internet works. hate to sound ageist, but people of my age (college students) are what facebook was created for, and we understand how to use it to our advantage.

Fair point? Yup, I think so.

You’d think certain ‘excitable’ people would know this.