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Fair use — ‘iconic’ is a rationale

We’ve discussed ‘fair dealing’ and ‘fair use’ of other people’s intellectual property previously. I stumbled across THIS useful explanation on wikipedia following a link from Jason Kottke on reproductions of classic photographs in lego and found it interesting enough — the copyright aspect — to quote in full here. Copyright is owned by Martin Elliott. […]

More on ad blockers …

Remember our earlier conversation about ad-supported sites suffering from increasing use of ad-blockers? Well, a new round of quelle horreur!! has been prompted by the very recent release of Safari 5.0 with a Reader mode (which, it turns out, uses the open source code of the arc90 Readability java bookmarklet I’ve been happily using to […]

No hard feelings – present some facts

I know the spruikers I take aim at here now and then feel hard done by. So do some of their fans. I’m sorry for their hurt feelings. I really am. But the way I see it, they make their own bed and lie in it (— or lie from it, one could say). Actions […]

Interesting discussion about crediting sources

How The Mainstream Media Stole Our News Story Without Credit by DANNY SULLIVAN on JUNE 1, 2010 Thanks to Bernard Hickey who tweeted it this morning.

Google ditches MS Windows after security breaches

Google to employees: ‘Mac or Linux, but no more Windows’ by Michael Rose |  TUAW on May 31st, 2010 [US time] We first heard rumors of this policy change a couple of months ago, but now it’s made the papers: the Financial Times is reporting that Google is phasing out the use of Windows internally, […]

Internet ninja cowboys … or schoolboys?

Hilarious! A few hours after I set up’s new Facebook page yesterday, overnight we had a sudden surge of email… with a lot of ‘Please confirm your subscription to our mailing list’ messages. It seems someone (who? I wonder) had a bit of time on their hands and submitted’s email address (not disclosed […]

Q: Is this a Shaun Stenning product? A: Er, cough. Well, yes and no …

There’s not a lot of pride evident in this.  A friend recently emailed me a link to this mealy-mouthed interchange on the support FAQ page — about the founder(?) and chief salesman of the new ‘internet marketing’ scheme, Shaun Stenning. It seems to back up my earlier thoughts. Presumably this Frequently Asked Question (!) flows […]

New Facebook page for

We’ve set up a Facebook page for The Paepae … visit it here, if that suits you.

Uh, kinda missing the point …

So there’s this like Facebook page, right? Where people like take a nostalgic look back at how Facebook used to be, right? Like before all the complicated privacy, breakdowns, and monetization issues and stuff? And you like click on it, right? But then, holy smoke, it’s sorta kinda like what direct marketers call a squeeze […]

Tweaking your Facebook privacy – video guide

A 2 minute guide from Huffington Post. Also useful (but a little out of date): 10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know from FWIW

Backlash, anyone?

Apropos yesterday’s Google’s tentacles post, see the outrage being provoked even in the home of the free: Germany’s data protection authority (DPA) requested Google audit the WiFi data collected by its Street View cars. The audit revealed that contrary to the company’s claims, for at least three years, Google has been collecting payload data (the […]

Facebook Privacy options – NY Times graphical guide

Facebook, as we have discussed, is to privacy what water is to oil — i.e. no relation. You need to know this. The New York Times took the, um, time to examine and graphically portray the ‘options’ and ‘settings’ — their tagline: Facebook Privacy: A Bewildering Tangle of Options To manage your privacy on Facebook, you […]

Freeloader culture: taking things that aren’t yours …

Andrew Keen’s opinion column “Copyrights take a back seat to profits on the Web” is worth a read. Even in the digital world, standards are still necessary and some old rules deserve respect. Creators should still be fairly compensated for their work, and we shouldn’t tolerate stealing as the road to profit. And, as much […]

OK, so it’s not a hopeless quest …

Filed here for the sake of completeness: Well done Sarah. It took 5 years and 257 complaints but the Commerce Commission have finally acted on NBO and all the spin off “businesses” operated by Shallendra Singh, Jitendra Singh and Sonia “All I ever did was work for him” Klair who just so happens to also […]

Good advice: Google the salesmen and their get-rich-quick scheme

Regarding this, from the conclusion of my post a week ago Lowlife con-artist uses internet to fleece Kiwis (quoting myself, sorry): But can I suggest you look at the track records of these guys and their previous ‘enterprises’? Do some due diligence and don’t believe the hype. … yesterday someone I don’t know called Larry […]