Recently I posted a video clip of Permission Marketing guru Seth Godin’s comments about ‘worthless’ social media networking in reply to a comment from Sarah ( re fake Facebook friending.

We’ve discussed this before. Remember the fortune-cookie?

I’ve just seen a related clip (but still only 2 minutes) which expounds on the ‘giant cocktail party’ of the web, and the distinction between ‘real’ and ‘fake’ networking.

Where are your real relationships … including sleeping in a (real) friend’s living room in New Zealand. (My lounge, Seth? Sure!)

Networking is always important when it’s real and it’s always a useless distraction when it’s fake. — Seth Godin

Most of the shallow ‘internet marketing gurus’ pitching get-rich-quick through affiliate marketing and traffic trading are equally worthless, in my opinion.

But what do I know?