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This looks like the raw output of a comment spambot …

Wow, WordPress’s Akismet spam filter snapped this so it wouldn’t appear as a comment, but it’s fascinating to look at the syntax … I remember my geek pal Sarah describing translation-type scripts that spammers sometimes put article copy through to try to make it seem like ‘unique’ copy (to prevent Google downgrading it). This looks […]

Distribute comment spam. Get pinged. Ask that YOUR OWN SPAM be removed. Hahahaha!

From Josh Marshall at He calls it ‘chutzpam’. I call it bleurgh! In other words, the estimable businessmen and women at have been paying SEO companies to spam the comment sections of sites around the globe. But now Google’s new search algorithms are making that legacy spam really damaging. So now they’re sending […]

Why I use an ad-blocker (You must be kidding me @NZHerald)

I was using my non-ad-blocked Chrome web browser for something tonight and thought I’d just see what news was happening, so popped over the You have got to be kidding me … Ridiculous over-the-top interruption marketing. Doomed to fail, in my opinion. – P Update: It certainly illustrates why I use AdBlock and Glimmerblocker […]

Sometimes Mail is soooo right. Junk.

I spotted this on a quick flick through my ‘Junk’ folder. ‘Mail thinks this is Junk Mail’. Er, … that’s fersure. What gives it away as fake, most of all, is that I’ve never actually entered that lottery. A small detail. – P

Start spamming young…

Now, look, I know Twitter meant this image as a joke … … but the line “I’m a 7 year old SEO GURU!” just soooo reminded me of the Geekversity Instant Expert Shaun Stenning so breathlessly promoted by down-on-their-luck ‘property experts‘. I needed to visit Twitter’s how to respond to spammy mentions page after I […]

Beware the ubiquitous PDF? Really?

Oh no! First Flash, now PDF? Do we need to worry? My (profesional) life changed for the better with the widespread adoption of Adobe’s wonderful Acrobat PDF (portable document format). I use it every day — to communicate with others, to archive information or make it available for others … and to print and publish. […]

SPAM as an indicator of the economy?

Among all the SPAM touting for anatomy-enlargement and performance-enhancing pills and replica watches (for replica people?) and, oh boy, online casino gambling (!) …. I’ve noticed a recent apparent increase in SPAM messages targeting job seekers … Subject: Job offer match, respond to apply Subject: Job opportunity – hurry to apply! Subject: Employment you’ve been […]

Is this for real?

Does anyone know if this works? I got a spammy-looking ‘link exchange request’ with this as the last line: IF YOU’D LIKE TO MAKE SURE WE DON’T CONTACT YOU AGAIN, PLEASE FILL IN THE FOLLOWING FORM: emailsnomore(dot)com ; PLEASE ACCEPT OUR APOLOGIES FOR CONTACTING YOU. … which redirects to what looks like a different website […]

Good advice: Google the salesmen and their get-rich-quick scheme

Regarding this, from the conclusion of my post a week ago Lowlife con-artist uses internet to fleece Kiwis (quoting myself, sorry): But can I suggest you look at the track records of these guys and their previous ‘enterprises’? Do some due diligence and don’t believe the hype. … yesterday someone I don’t know called Larry […]