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Misinformation experts

Not a ‘Vast Right Wing Conspiracy’ This in-depth investigation conducted by the Center for American Progress Action Fund reveals not a vast right-wing conspiracy behind the rise of Islamophobia in our nation but rather a small, tightly networked group of misinformation experts guiding an effort that reaches millions of Americans through effective advocates, media partners, […]

There’s no denying Sarah Palin is a talking point

I’ve resisted referring to Sarah Palin’s latest, umm, riff on American history, wherein she inserted words, actions, motivations and personnel into Paul Revere’s midnight ride … errr, he warned the British that ‘the British are coming’? PALIN: He who warned, uh, the British that they weren’t going to be taking away our arms uh by […]

Sean Wood and Steve Goodey: Read the fine print

Oh boy! These, apparently, are the terms and conditions of the ‘lucky prize draw’ I referred to in my post Calling all gullible gamblers! They seem very complicated — totalling 1,114 words. An ‘Entrant Selection Draw’ followed by a separate ‘Main Prize Draw’ wherein a lucky punter (who needed to be physically be in the […]

Is Steve Goodey confused … or rewriting history?

Property spruiker and professional salesman Steve Goodey seems to be a very confused man. That’s one explanation. I stumbled across a statement ex-Richmastery franchisee Steve Goodey posted on the PropertyTalk discussion forum last week claiming that he’d been a ‘full-time property investor for 15 years’ — which made my ears prick up. Eh? I thought. […]

Things that aren’t supposed to be said

Following up on my post the other day about deciphering political codes, highlighting how political campaigns sometimes try to imply the unsayable (like ‘Keep Howick White’) … here’s a fantastic article by Gabriel Sherman in New York Magazine about Fox News supremo Roger Ailes dealing with unstable wunderkind Glenn Beck … which relates to the […]

Accountants promoting internet get-rich-quick? Good grief.

We briefly discussed fool’s gold last week … do any readers of recognise this name: WORLD INTERNET SUMMIT? I seem to recall Shaun Stenning and his overblown and ill-fated snipr and twalk schemes were hyperbolically promoted at something like this? (See how that worked out here: Is this how Shaun Stenning handles a request […]

All that glitters is not gold

All that glisters is not gold; Often have you heard that told … . Food for thought from William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice — quoting legendary fable and proverb collector (plagiarist?) Aesop and forebears. Fool’s gold The mineral pyrite, or iron pyrite, is an iron sulfide with the formula FeS2. This mineral’s metallic luster […]

Calling all gullible gamblers!

Two communications arrived in my in-boxes a day apart … and I couldn’t help but see them as similar. Property spruikers Sean Wood and Steve Goodey are soooo keen to get you along to their hyperbolic sales pitch that if you buy a ticket to attend (instead of getting one free from an affiliate, or the […]

More than one way to screw your own online reputation

Like many others I’m following ‘personal development guru’ James Arthur Ray’s manslaughter trial in Arizona, and one of the best ways to do that is reading The Salty Droid’s very colourful and determined coverage. I was pleasantly surprised to see that a local (i.e. New Zealand) blogger whom I have met online, corresponded with and […]

What NOT to do with your ‘charisma’

Business Insider reports on the downfall of a charismatic figure who travelled the world … Hmm, that reminds me of …? Oops. Three to nine years prison. (Oh — and an internet ‘reputation‘ — beyond the reality TV show.) – P  

Big plans

The twisted tale of ‘Wellington sex trade entrepreneurs Michael and John Chow’ who want to locate a brothel across the road from Auckland’s landmark Sky Tower (!!) takes another turn. Developers Michael and John Chow are planning to build a 10-storey super-brothel on the prime inner-city site once occupied by the historic Palace Hotel. The […]

Thoughts about authenticity – Sean Wood and Steve Goodey enterprises

It strikes me as ironic that the banner ads on PropertyTalk (the site I celebrated and linked to yesterday) now appear to feature ex-Richmastery property spruikers Sean Wood and Steve Goodey in their latest incarnation. Er, yuck. These two wide boys, graduates of (spat out of?) the Phil Jones charm school, have apparently divorced their […]

Exasperated Shaun Stenning and customers speak out about his ‘refund’ offer

The contentious matter of the ‘refund movement’ targeting ‘get-rich-through-internet-marketing’ salesman Shaun Stenning … and revealing how he and his associates deal with dissatisfied clients … is unfolding. The by-all-reports persuasive Australian spruiker Shaun Stenning and various members of his family and colleagues (including ‘Mr X’ Dean Letfus and Shaun Stenning’s former Geekversity confederate Ian Naylor) […]

The Stenning Tweebs try to roll with the punches

Ripples of disappointment continue to emanate from the Stenning performing troupe’s roadshow/sales tour through Asia, during which the smooth-talkers (!) apparently sold platforms/products offering quick-and-easy (‘just three clicks?’) internet riches. As the ‘refund movement‘ heats up against another Shaun Stenning-fronted ‘enterprise’ (spotted the pattern, anyone?) it looks like the gang, through Ian Naylor, is trying […]

Even more deceitful photoshopping

You may (or may not) recall my posts ‘More deceitful photoshopping‘ and ‘Re-touching to the point of distortion‘ which sought to highlight the distortion of ideas and images of modern-day ‘beauty’ — thus setting an unattainable target for young women wanting to groom themselves to be ‘better looking’. (Jenna Marbles’s ‘How to trick people into […]