'Cash cow' snipr for sale?

Ripples of disappointment continue to emanate from the Stenning performing troupe’s roadshow/sales tour through Asia, during which the smooth-talkers (!) apparently sold platforms/products offering quick-and-easy (‘just three clicks?’) internet riches.

As the ‘refund movement‘ heats up against another Shaun Stenning-fronted ‘enterprise’ (spotted the pattern, anyone?) it looks like the gang, through Ian Naylor, is trying to sell/shed/liquidate/dispose of Snipr (— along with any contingent liabilities? It’s not clear).

What will they do? Head off in another but similar snake oil direction? Maybe, by the look of things …

The Stenning gang's latest offering. (Gee, only a 257% increase in traffic? Why so little?)

Do we care?
Bigger question: Will we ever be rid of people showing us how to be a fake for money (… money for them, I mean).

I wonder if the real geeks who founded StumbleUpon envisaged types like this mob (^) pitching the gullible on ‘StumbleUpon Marketing’ and ‘Social Traffic Generation Strategies’? Really? I wonder. Bleurgh!

How long before StumpleUpon, like Google and Amazon before them, decide to make a move to put these kind of low-quality, low-value er, ‘operations’ out of business? Long enough for the loquacious lads to pump and dump their get-rich-quick wares?

It looks to me like the Stenning Tweebs are dodging from pothole to pothole in the ‘get-rich-through-internet-marketing’ jungle as the ponzi schemes, pyramids ‘goldmines’ collapse behind them in a cloud of broken promises and unfulfilled hyperbole. (You should read some of the email we get here at thePaepae.com about these guys. Unbelievable!)

Refunds are being called for on what looks like a wide scale. What’s with that? Don’t those aggravated, dissatisfied twalk customers know who they’re dealing with? Despite being told the Tweebs are ‘the best of the best’? [cough, splutter]

Kim Possible's tweebs — (Disney)

Shaun Stenning – Shaun has been Internet Marketing for 9 years now, over the last 3 year’s he educated over 5,000 people around the world and is a leading international speaker, if you’re looking for someone to speak at an event see the speaking services he provides here

Matt Stenning – Matt has been Internet Marketing for just over 3 years now and is widely recognized as a leading SEO and SMO consultant. With over 200 number 1 rankings under his belt Matt lives and breaths SEO. Starting his speaking career in 2010 he became the youngest speak to speak on a Global Internet Seminar by 5 years. See the consulting services he provides here

I guess this rosy picture (above) is how they want to present themselves online — and maybe that’s what is behind the urgency with which Shaun Stenning is seeking to sanitise the internet (… including but not limited to internet blogs…) of ‘disparaging’ comment about his previous enterprises …He’s actually seeking to suppress ANY communication about it, if you read the required-for-a-promise-of-a-refundRelease Agreement‘ closely.

Whitewash: Look what dissatisfied TWALK customers have to SWEAR TO DO to (maybe) get a refund from 'leading international speaker'/hyperbolic salesman/bush lawyer Shaun Stenning and his ... um, err, ... colleagues.

The Twalk refund agreement conditions even include a ‘Hell Or Highwater‘ clause (7.9) which declares the ‘Confidentiality and disparagement’ clauses (6.1 – 6.7) ‘absolute and paramount obligations to procure performance’. Riiiiiight. Secrecy is paramount. Tell that to WikiLeaks, lads.

After all, we don’t want a messy and inconvenient track record showing up online affecting one’s reputation as ‘a leading international speaker’, now do we? No matter how factually-based.

Aside from Geekversity, twalk, snipr, Phuket 1, 2 & 3 … the world is your oyster!

Any comments?

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