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Re-touching to the point of distortion

From an eye-opening Dove soap commercial. Kudos to them! Watch it happen in high speed stop-motion below the fold.

Why are the get-rich-quick boys in such a HURRY?

Tim Burrowes, writing this week over at Aussie marketing/media website mUmBRELLA expressed this thought common to journalists everywhere: The substance behind the Photon gossip by Tim Burrowes June 17th, 2010 One of the perks – and frustrations – of being a journalist is that you often get to hear interesting gossip. Perk because it’s nice […]

‘Little known internet marketing expert’ ‘Mr X’ is actually spruiker Dean Letfus. (Oh, really?)

Less than 12 months ago Dean Letfus breathlessly told the world via YouTube how excited he was to have “discovered” the power of the internet through attending Shaun Stenning’s Geekversity weekend course — which it appears Dean Letfus and his mate Steve Goodey promptly started to promote far and wide as affiliates … ‘twisting Shaun’s […]

Review: An odious little volume

An intriguing document landed in mailbox for my review recently. It appears to be a guide to (supposedly) making money through the internet by adopting ‘blackhat’ techniques used by ‘YouTube Traffic Thieves‘. From appearances, this MAY emanate from spruiker Dean Letfus’s new business partner itinerant salesman and self-proclaimed internet expert Shaun Stenning (or perhaps […]

Announcing a big, bargain breakthrough MIRACLE …

ANNOUNCING a big, bargain breakthrough MIRACLE that will quickly and easily, immediately (right NOW) directly deliver to YOU complete and absolutely authentic HUGE revolutionary secrets to $ucce$$ and love — with improved powerful PROFIT$. Endorsed by the LARGEST famous professionals with strange discounts and unique magic gifts. NEW and exciting! Lifetime superior QUALITY specially guaranteed for […]

Good advice: Google the salesmen and their get-rich-quick scheme

Regarding this, from the conclusion of my post a week ago Lowlife con-artist uses internet to fleece Kiwis (quoting myself, sorry): But can I suggest you look at the track records of these guys and their previous ‘enterprises’? Do some due diligence and don’t believe the hype. … yesterday someone I don’t know called Larry […]

Lowlife con-artist uses internet to fleece Kiwis

Good riddance to this lowlife who, according to the NZ Herald this morning, came to this country as a visitor and scammed Kiwis using his ‘knowledge’ of how to pull confidence tricks over the internet: Rogers, who is in his late-30s, was sentenced this week in the Napier District Court to 17 months in jail […]

Powerpoint makes us stoopid

I’m not a big fan of overcomplicated, dense Powerpoint ‘presentations’. I’ve seen them used as a crutch and overladen with bullet points and too much type. Looks like other people have reached the same conclusion… Like an insurgency, PowerPoint has crept into the daily lives of military commanders and reached the level of near obsession. […]

Bill O’Reilly is a shallow man

Watch this to see how shallow and glib a denial can be.

National Security Agency chief says his iPad is ‘wonderful’

We’re not sure what this means, if anything, about the security of Apple products. But in a [US] congressional hearing today, Apple’s wonder-tablet received the very unofficial endorsement of the country’s top security geek. Calls it “wonderful”. via Forbes

Exaggeration not just limited to property spruikers

Have a look at this: Verizon Claims To Cover More Countries Than Actually Exist via Oops!

Critical? Who, me? Naaaah!

Some people might think my canine love story or Shaun Stenning: Monkey or Organ Grinder or Dean Letfus claims DEFAMATION! comments have been a bit harsh… but look at this recent campaign ad from Arizona… Imagine if I used language like that! (Roll on Friday, eh boys?)

Shaun Stenning: Monkey or Organ Grinder?

The recent flurry of legal threats (well, threats of threats, really) from Australian Geekversity internet marketing ‘guru’ and travelling salesman Shaun Stenning and local property spruiker Dean Letfus seeking to suppress negative comment about their joint activities (and, apparently, really embarrassing photos on Facebook) has got me thinking. Judging by accounts of Shaun Stenning’s unpublicised […]

iPad — ‘pure innovation’

Mac geek Andy Ihnatko calls the Apple iPad ‘pure innovation, one of best computers ever’. Read his review at Chicago Sun-Times. Oh boy! Stephen Fry’s eloquent, gushy iPad/Steve Jobs piece in TIME is good too, and I had the same thing occur to me as his last line: One melancholy thought occurs as my fingers […]

I heart Rachel Maddow … trying to increase the cost of lying

Remember the full page ad she took out to say it wasn’t true? He’s apparently still saying it is. So, Rachel Maddow let Scott Brown have it straight … You [Senator Brown] made something up that’s not true. You have such a lack of respect for your conservative donor base around the country that you […]