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Scratch testing an iPhone5. Gulp.

Holy cow. I’ll be getting one of these phones … but I’ll treat it a little better than THIS: I don’t expect my gear to be literally bulletproof. But wow, the internet is FULL of drop-tests-to-destruction … is there a name for that? Shiny-gadget-bashing-porn? – P UPDATE: From 9to5 Mac Shocker!  

Joy of Tech having a laff at Apple maps

@Gruber is worth reading about Amazon and Apple’s different approaches

John Gruber reflecting on Amazon’s Kindle tablet announcements … Amazon’s play … This was a good presentation, but it was a nearly perfect presentation for its intended audience of invited tech press, largely because of the way it positioned Amazon against Apple and the Kindle Fire against the iPad. … … Make no bones about […]

Learning from Mat Honan’s disaster (Apple & me)

I mentioned that I’d taken a lesson from fellow geek Mat Honan’s experience getting hacked and, temporarily albeit expensively, having his personal data remotely wiped (shudder) from his MacBook Air when hackers compromised his Apple ID (read all about it at Mat’s blog). So, I did not enable ‘Find my Mac’ on my new MacBook […]

Happy in Apple’s ecosystem, thanks.

I’ve had two experiences in the last week which have confirmed my satisfaction with life in Apple’s ecosystem. The first was the morning after I got back from my visit to Wellington last week. I woke up and went to switch my iPhone on and found the power/sleep button on top VERY stiff. This phone’s […]

Dragon imagery and hanging on to past Mac OS functionality

Apparently this cool design is like a mascot/logo for LLVM compiler software … The LLVM logo is a stylized wyvern (a kind of dragon). Dragons have connotations of power, speed and intelligence, and can also be sleek, elegant, and modular (err, maybe not). In addition, there is a series of influential compiler books going back […]

Satiric comment on Apple patents

Of course it’s exaggerated but … a wee bit funny …

“HPPrintSettings plug in” crash on OSX

If you’re having trouble printing to an HP printer after installing the latest (Aug 2012) HP drivers update rolled out via Apple Software Update (er, like I was today crash, crash, crash after installing it last night), here’s a fix: [Thanks to Upton666 at Apple Support Communities who pointed this out] Upton666 Re: Problem with […]

Attention to detail and credit where it’s due

Apparently some TV commentators made fools of themselves in the eyes of the geek community by not recognizing Tim Berners-Lee (who invented the hypertext transfer protocol, and with it the basis for hypertext markup language, thus the world wide web) when he appeared in the London Olympics opening ceremony. I grinned in recognition (he’s still […]

Default search engines, privacy … and trying alternatives to Google

As I’ve indicated, I’ve been steadily making my web browsing footprint lighter and checking out alternatives to Google search — which, as well as trailing us all, spectacularly broke trust with users by circumnavigating (read: disobeying) explicit instructions in preferences to ‘block third party cookies’ by ‘unfair and deceptive‘ means (see Another Google privacy FAIL […]

Artificial intelligence rebels again …

Remember the last Siri spoof? The garage band guy who wanted his phone to call him a ‘rock god‘? And this, harder-edged one‘? Here’s another take-off of an Apple iPhone ad … (If you’re having trouble viewing the video, try watching at the Team Coco site) via Huffington Post

Why not put it out there?

I know the cynics may try to tear this down. I don’t care. Why not aim high? – P Via Nick Bilton thanks to Tim Murphy.

Apple looks beyond Google for maps

There’s commentary and discussion about the fact that Apples’ new iPhoto for iOS released this week utilizes mapping services that aren’t directly provided by, ahem, Google. I remember watching a Tina Fey interview/appearance at the Google complex where she was jeered by the Google-ites for mentioning in response to a question that she used ” […]

iPad penetration

Whatever Apple announces for today’s (US Time) iteration of the iPad device* (and crucially, when compared to Android, the platform) the penetration of Apple’s tablet is astonishing. Presidential briefing Jan 2012: Via John Gruber * Check it out at Apple announces third generation iPad starting at [US]$499 (updated)


A nice article by Om Malik ’bout technology bringing connection. Apple is about to introduce a new iPad. Good — for I need to buy a new one. I left my old one with my mother. When visiting my folks in India, I decided to leave my Macbook Air at home — I didn’t want […]